Dressing For a Pear Shaped Body

Continuing with our series of blogs about dressing your body shape, today we’re talking about the Pear Shape body. If you missed our last blog “Dressing for an Apple Shaped Body” please click on the link and have a read.

Pear Body shape

You’re most likely a Pear Shape if:

  • Your shoulders and waist are narrower than your hips
  • You have a smaller bust
  • Your waist is well defined
  • You have larger thighs & a full bottom

Curvy hips, thick thighs, and a full rear are the key characteristics of the pear-shaped body type. Finding clothes that will flatter your Pear Shaped body is simple once you know what shapes and styles to look for.

An important tip for dressing a Pear Shape body is to add interest to your upper body so as to balance out your bottom half. This could be with the use of eye-catching details around your face, like a statement necklace or even as simple as wearing a brighter or lighter colour on top.  Look for tops with neckline details, perhaps draping at the neck or a collar. These extra details will help create a more balanced silhouette.  Here we see Erin in our face framing Midnight Cowl top and wide leg Pacific Pants 

An outfit for a pear shape body, Diane Kennedy Midnight Cowl and Pacific Pant

For bottoms, you can balance wider hips with wide leg pants that flow away from the body.  Simple, dark-colored pants with no (or minimal) pockets work really well. Choose relaxed fits that fall straight down from the widest part of your hips like our Serene Pant, Petite Serene or Pacific Pant.  Pair either of these up with a waist loving top like our Renew Wrap

An outfit for a pear shape body, Diane Kennedy Renew Wrap Tunic and Serene Pants

Our Smarty Pants work nicely with a Pear Shape as there is lots of room for thicker bottom and thighs. Here we see it with our Justify Jacket a great example of a flattering jacket for a Pear Shape with its one button closure and free-flowing hemline. ( The Clever Cami is underneath the jacket)

An outfit for a pear shape body, Diane Kennedy Justify Jacket and Smarty Pants

Rock those curves!

If you love your curves and want to emphasize them then by all means…show ‘em off! No matter what body type you have, you’ve got to make sure that the clothes properly fit your body’s measurements. Focus on achieving a proportionate body silhouette and leave plenty of room to highlight your best assets.  

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about dressing your body type!

XOX Barb

Dressing for an Apple Shaped Body

Recently we were digging into the Diane Kennedy blog archives and came across a great series of blogs from waaaay back in 2011.  We’re updating them; this one is about dressing your Apple shape. Enjoy!


You’re most likely an Apple Shape if:

  • You have slim legs & a flat bottom
  • You have wide & defined shoulders
  • You have a prominent tummy   
  • Your waist is as wide or larger than your shoulders or hips

It comes down to a balancing act when you’re an Apple shape; that means balancing your top half with your bottom half.  The proportions of a garment and the way it fits your body are so much more important than following the latest trend or fitting into a certain size.    

Many Apples inherently possess something that all North American women covet: great gams! With your shape, a loose fitting tunic goes a long way in camouflaging the tummy. Try pairing a tunic with our Rejuvenate Leggings or Flex Pants. Tunics, leggings and funky boots are a staple for designer Diane Kennedy when she is dressing her “apple” shape. 

As any fashionista knows, the jacket or coat you wear can make or break an outfit. The Verve Zip  is a great cut for an apple shape. It has an asymmetrical zipper, gather details at the front waist and pockets. Wear it zipped all the way up, or half open in a motorcycle jacket fashion. Pair it with a graphic striped tunic underneath and wear the Verve Zip jacket open. Or zip it up and wear it as a tunic over slim pants like the Balance Pant here.

Dressing for your Apple Shape with Diane Kennedy Verve Zip and Balance Pant

The Renew Wrap is a mock wrap top that accentuates the waist and flows easily over the tummy.  The Renew Wrap comes in at the waist just a wee bit more than usual, yet with the same amount of room in the hip. This creates a nice illusion of a more pronounced waist and a flattering silhouette.

Dressing for your Apple Shape with Diane Kennedy Renew Wrap Tunic and Flex pants

Well there you have it!  Now you have the knowledge to make your wardrobe as fabulous as you.  If you have questions, we’re always happy to help!

XOX Barb

A Legacy of Natural Fibers

A Mothers Gift

My love of natural fibers began at an early age. As a gift, my mother bought me a miniature sewing machine and a result I spent hours near her as she worked. Some of my early ‘toys’ were often boxes of buttons, spools of wooden thread and of course her drawer of beautiful fabrics.

Old spools of thread made from natural fibers (mercerised cotton)

My mother sewed beautifully and taught me to sew.  She had wonderful clothes made of natural fibers; wool coats, cashmere sweaters, silk and cotton dresses and lovely garments made out of Viyella (cotton and wool blend). I learned early to appreciate the feel of the quality fabric.

My appreciation for natural fibers continues to this day. 99% of my designs are executed in natural fibers like bamboo.

Designer Diane Kennedy chooses natural fibers like bamboo for her clothing designs unless many other plus size retailers

Natural for the Planet

With so many brands made from polyester, especially in the plus sizes, I prefer to be the alternative.  Part of the allure of polyester is its inexpensive cost, which brings down the price of the garment. While the polyester fabric may be affordable to purchase, the cost to our planet is high. Did you know that Polyester and indeed most synthetic fibers are derived from crude oil drilled right out of the earth?  Polyester is a polymer, or a long chain of repeating molecular units, which is a plastic derived from crude oil.

What about the cost to our bodies as well? I personally can’t stand the feel of polyester on my body and immediately begin to perspire. I far prefer the feeling of soft natural fibres against my skin and the breathability and comfort that these fibers afford me. Like the food I put in my body, the clothes I wear I want to be in a natural state or as close to nature as possible.

Love Diane




New arrivals made from softest bamboo can be found in our online shop here. Or visit us at our studio this weekend to shop in person. We’re open for shopping Mar 2 from 2-7 and March 3 from 11-5 @ 1635 Powell Street, Vancouver B.C.


#Who Made Your Clothes

who made your clothes

Do you know who made your clothes? Much of the global fashion industry desperately needs change. We’re suggesting becoming more aware of how your spending habits affect people and our planet.

In this day and age with our delicate global climate, there are 3 questions we should all be asking about the clothing we buy. We are not afraid to answer these questions and hope it will make you feel good about purchases you make with us.

1. Who Made Your Clothes?

Diane Kennedy clothing employs Canadians at every step of the manufacturing process. Designs and patterns are all developed at our  Diane Kennedy Studio and manufactured close by in Vancouver B.C. We regularly visit our factories and have a personal, face to face relationship with them. Diane can attest to the fact that the garment workers have safe work conditions to high Canadian standards and are paid fair wages.

*Worldwide 1 in 6 people work in the apparel industry. Over 80% of these people are women; 98% do not receive a living wage.

2. Where Are Your Clothes Made?

Canadian Made and proud of it! The factories we use for production are all local to us, some just steps from our door in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

We’re also able to produce in small batches, which means producing to demand, and a more sustainable business model.  Our carbon footprint is lower because everything is made in Canada and shipped within North America . No containers on ships crossing the pacific needed.

*In 1989 70% of clothing worn in Canada was made in Canada, today it’s less than 5%. Trade barriers introduced in 2003 have moved much of the manufacturing of apparel overseas.

3. What Are Your Clothes Made Of?

Diane Kennedy’s super soft knit is made from Certified Organic bamboo fibers . Without assistance from man, bamboo is grown 100% naturally . A highly sustainable crop, bamboo does not require the use of pesticides and herbicides for crop production. Plantations can easily be kept organic as a result . Did you know bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than trees per the same amount of space? Additionally, as the plant is flood and drought resistant, water irrigation is not necessary for production. Bamboo is easily biodegradable and decomposes very rapidly back into soil.

*The percentage of Polyester clothing being manufactured overseas has far surpassed clothing made with any natural fibers since 2009.  Made from fossil fuels, polyester is extremely energy intensive to produce. It creates microplastics in our oceans and does not degrade or break down. Likewise very piece of polyester clothing ever made is still around.

Thank you!

When you make a choice to purchase from us it means so much more. You are supporting a company that cares about people. You are choosing to consider the people who made your clothes. Furthermore, you are choosing a quality garment that is easy on the environment and will last for many years.

Thanks for being our customer!

XOX Barb

Plus Size Labels; Who needs them?

We can spend our whole life avoiding labels, or living up to them and proving them wrong. When it comes to your clothing are they really that important? Many articles have been written about the use of the term plus size. The feeling being that it is an outdated and marginalized term that tries to put larger women into a less exciting and frumpy box with dark colours and God forbid, no horizontal stripes. The plus size clothing industry has come such a long way and smart consumers expect the same quality and attention to fit and detail as anyone else. Why wouldn’t we?

Our models are wearing the Inquisitive Tunic  in sizes L and 2X respectively

Size is just a Number

What if we just forgot about that label. Let’s concentrated on clothing companies that spend the time and effort making sure that what they make really fits properly and makes you feel fabulous? Plus is not a size but it is a definition of clothing sizes and that’s really all it needs to be. In the clothing industry garments are grouped into different sizing clusters like Missy, Petite, and Tall. Plus is just another range of numbers that literally corresponds to a group of sizes.

“Fit, quality, comfort and feeling great in what you’re wearing are way more important than the size on the label.” ~Diane Kennedy

Break the Rules!

Fashion rules are made to be stretched and broken according to what rocks your world. Labels that we despise will always be around and one of the best things we can do is ignore them. It’s best to not get hung up on the terminology. We aren’t saying that a world where size is just a number and a size 2 and a size 20 are marketed and sold exactly the same wouldn’t be a wonderful dream. Until that happens the term “plus” can mean “more”.

More Awesome! More Joy! More Love! More clothes please!

XOX Barb