Fall 2018 Preview; Part 2

Here it is! Part 2 of The Diane Kennedy Fall preview for 2018. A mix of new styles, an old fave and new fabrics in rich jewel tones.

My favourite tunic

My Playful Tunic is one of the next styles coming for Fall. It’s my all time favourite. Later in the season we’ll have a ‘new’ tunic with all the same requirements that should make it my ‘new favourite’; v-neck, 3/4 sleeves, swing across the tummy, seaming details and two pockets.  It’s called the Tempt Tunic. I’ll let you know!

Diane Kennedy's preview of Fall 2018 including the Tempt Tunic
The Tempt Tunic in Moroccan

Bring on the Sweater Knits

As the weather begins to change and the leaves turn golden, natures Alchemy is hard at work. What could be better to slip on than super soft sweater knits in the perfect weight? The Alchemy Tunic looks amazing over pants or can be worn as a short dress over leggings. It has a 3/4 sleeve, flattering V-neck that crosses over the bust with 3 hammered steel buttons,  a handy pocket and stylish drape. The Sweater knit will come in Black, Raisin and Peacock.

Diane Kennedy's preview of Fall 2018 including the Alchemy Tunic
The Alchemy Tunic in Reign

Continuing with our gorgeous new sweater knit for Fall we have The Enchant Tunic. With its 3/4 length sleeves, cold shoulder, smooth lines and perfect ease through the hips and tummy this tunic works great on its own or layered under a bamboo jacket. This style will come in Black and Oxblood (as shown).

Diane Kennedy's preview of Fall 2018 including the Enchant Tunic
The Enchant Tunic in Oxblood

The Trance Tunic is just one more chapter in our new super-soft sweater knit story. This tunic is perfect for layering with a vest or jacket. Wear it with anything! Black and Peacock are the colours for this one.

Diane Kennedy's preview of Fall 2018 including the Trance Tunic
The Trance Tunic in Peacock

Persuasion Zip is our heavier knit fleece jacket for those days when you need to up your cozy game.  It can be worn zipped and buttoned or just zipped allowing the collar to be worn open. This lightweight Fall jacket is made from 55%Hemp and 45% Recycled Poly in Heather Mauve and Heather Steel. The fabric has a very soft and cozy inner finish like the softest blanket. The fabric is very high quality with a lovely feel to it.

Diane Kennedy's preview of Fall 2018 including the Persuasion Zip
The Persuasion Zip in colour Heather Steel

Saving the best for last

Often the most interesting items in the line are the last to come. For those who like to colour outside the lines, the Elemental Tunic gives off an edgy and graphic vibe. Colourways are Moroccan/Chartreuse/Reign or Reign/Moroccan/Black in bamboo fabric.

Diane Kennedy's preview of Fall 2018 including the Elemental Tunic
The Elemental Tunic in Moroccan/Chartreuse/Reign

Who’s ready for a new season?

Love Diane


A Better Approach to Fashion

Fashion seems out of balance at the moment.  It teeters from one extreme to the other. On one hand, we have fast fashion; garments that are very cheap but that have a high cost to the people making them and to the environment. Underpaid overseas labour, dangerous working environments, and even child labour are all used to create fast fashion.

It’s common knowledge that fast fashion and fashion, in general, is one of the largest polluters on the planet. Water pollution, toxic chemical use, and textile waste are all realities of the fashion industry. On average, fast fashion is worn less than 5 times and is kept for about 34 days before being discarded and forgotten about. This is neither good for people or our earth.

Over 60 model Viola wearing Point Grey Jacket, Sharp Tunic and Erstwilder brooch
Point Grey Jacket, Sharp Tunic, and Earstwilder Brooch

The other extreme is the idea of a very minimalist approach.  Where you might wear one garment multiple times or have a small capsule wardrobe. This style of dressing is also known as uniform dressing.  There are folks that actually wear the same thing over and over every day. Whittling your wardrobe down to the bare minimum may make it easier to get dressed in the morning but it can also be stifling and b-o-r-i-n-g. Where is the fun in that?

Over 60 model Viola wearing Point Grey Jacket, Sharp Tunic and Pacific Pant
Point Grey Jacket, Sharp Tunic, and Pacific Pant

A happy medium?

Maybe a better solution is going back to the way it used to be when people bought quality items that lasted. We could then spend more time and energy on buying the things that light us up and bring us happiness. We may pay a little more for those core pieces but they are the canvas to our self-expression. You don’t need shopping bags full of clothes but you do need colourful and fun clothes that bring you joy. There is a happy medium, and only you can decide where that is. 

Love Diane

Fall 2018 Preview; Part 1

New fall tunics have arrived and I know many of you are wondering what else is on the way? Here’s a preview of items that are coming in for the first half of the Fall season.

Diane Kennedy's preview of Fall 2018 including the Strength TunicPlaying favourites!

Four beautiful new tunic styles are already up on our website. The next to arrive is my personal favourite of the season.  It’s called The Illusion tunic with a lot of vertical, shaped panels seamed together with flatlock stitching. Overall it has a lovely slimming effect from all the vertical lines creating a waist enhancing optical illusion. It has a lovely flair around the hips to also enhance the hourglass “illusion”.  It comes in a beautiful new deep purple called Reign as well as Moroccan; a rich blue-teal.

Diane Kennedy's preview of Fall 2018 including the Illusion Tunic

When I wear my Diane Kennedy outfits you’ll almost always find me in a pair of tights. My apple shaped figure looks good in a tunic and leggings; it’s almost a uniform for me. So I’m excited that my favourite Rejuvenate Legging will be available in lovely fall colours. Teal, Moroccan and Reign will be available in sizes L to 3X. (Shown below with the new Spellbound Tunic)

Diane Kennedy's preview of Fall 2018 including the Spellbound Tunic and Rejuvenate Leggings

Diane Kennedy's preview of Fall 2018 including the Spellbound Tunic and Rejuvenate Leggings

Coming soon: Serene Pants

I know many of you have been waiting for us to restock our ‘famous’ Serene pant and Petite Serene. My apologies that it’s taken so long to recut this item. This is our original pant that we’ve been making continuously from the very first season (of Spring 07), and so I wanted to wait until our beautiful new shipment of bamboo arrived. Plus sizes in both of these items will be restocked within the next month. Please sign up for our newsletter to find out when they’re available. We do have a wait list of customers that will be notified first when they come in. Please let us know if you’d like to be included on that list.

Later in September, we’ll be getting a beautiful new jacket called ‘Mystique”. It will match up to our Flex Pants as well as the Perfect Tee for layering underneath the jacket.

Diane Kennedy's preview of Fall 2018 including the Mystique Jacket.

More to come!

There’s lots more to come in our Fall preview Part 2; more tunics, vests and some beautiful lightweight sweater knits. Those will be later in October.
Here we are at the hottest part of summer thinking about what we’re going to wear for fall! Meanwhile, I’m busy at work designing for next spring. I always love to hear your suggestions, please send them by email (preferred).
Thank you for your patronage. You are very much appreciated!
Love Diane

Social Media; Pressure to be Perfect

In an era where the pressure to be perfect – or at least look that way online – is extreme, what does it mean to be successful? When you have an idea – a company you want to build, a project you want to foster – success is watching it bloom and grow. But how do we measure it? Once upon a time it was marked by a person’s sense of satisfaction, achieving new goals, seeing financial growth – or maybe even just enjoying the simple pleasure of being one’s own boss. These days it often gets evaluated by entirely different terms: how many followers on Instagram or Facebook? How many likes on a photo? How many shares on a video? Suddenly the goals are more elusive – and often it looks like everyone else is having an easier time being successful. The pressure to be perfect can make the tough job of bringing a dream to life even more challenging.

Designer Diane Kennedy  writes a blog about the Pressure to be Perfect, in our new world of Social Media.

The View From inside

The reality is that everyone talks about the wins, but very few talk about the losses. People share the great days, but not the hard ones. For every success – in business, in life, in our personal goals – there are countless fails. The pressure to be perfect comes from feeling that no one else is experiencing the downward slopes. From the outside all we see is the summit. Remember that for every success you see on social media, there are failures that no one takes photos of.

Keep Going – For Yourself

Being an entrepreneur in the social media age is both a blessing and a curse it seems – it’s easier than ever to get your name out there and your idea or project or business can become famous overnight with the right set of circumstances. But that pressure for perfection is amplified in the echo chambers online. It’s impossible to set aside social media entirely but create and focus on goals that are outside that realm. Remember why you had this dream in the first place – and what measures of success you want to use for yourself. Maybe it’s how many followers you have, but maybe it’s also how you feel when you go to bed at night, how your customers (or readers, fans, listeners, and so on, depending on what you create) respond to what you’re doing. Focus on the good – an email of thanks, an unexpected collaboration – and allow yourself to set aside the pressure to be perfect for a few hours each day. Your dreams might look great in a well-filtered photo – but they’ll feel even better while you’re living them.

Love Diane

Canadian Made Clothing Warehouse Sale

You’re invited to our Diane Kennedy warehouse sale online and in our studio! Fall styles are already starting to arrive and to make room we’ve done a huge recount of all the stock in the warehouse. Oh, the things we’ve found! Forgotten items and colours that have never been online plus a bunch of samples from this Spring/Summer season. We’ve filled up the sale racks to bursting in regular sizes S – XL and plus sizes 0X-3X.

Here’s a few items from our Spring catalogue that never got into production for one reason or another.  Sometimes the fabric was just not available like the tiny bird print of the Trilogy Tunic (below).

Diane Kennedy Bamboo Trilogy tunic. Model Carly Stone Curve is 5'5" and wearing a size XL. These samples are available at our warehouse sale
Diane Kennedy Bamboo Trilogy tunic. Model Carly Stone Curve is 5’5″ and wearing a size XL


I had fun designing the pattern for this action pant. It was a challenge to make a pattern with no side seams.  But the stores just didn’t order it, so it didn’t go into production. Only two were ever made in size XL.

Diane Kennedy samples available at our warehouse sale

The top that matched the Action pant is the sample version of the Its a Wrap tunic. We made some small changes to the pattern and so it’s slightly different than the final production. But still lovely! (it’s the same as this photo)

This Feature Tunic did go into production, but not in this pretty lime green, only 2 up for grabs in size XL.

While I hope you can make it to our warehouse sale in person,  I know not all of you can.  We’ve tried our best to get as much of it as possible online.  However, there are more items that didn’t get on the website, single samples and seconds that in some cases have just the tiniest little mark (especially on white). So if you live in Vancouver or nearby, please come for a visit. I’d love to see you!

Diane Kennedy samples available at our warehouse sale

Great deals to be had by all!!

The Warehouse sale starts online Friday, July 20th. Shopping in person will be available at our studio:

Friday, July 27 from 2 – 7 pm

Saturday, July 28 from 11-5 pm

Free parking on the street (please mind the parking signs for times) or in the parking lot beside the Flag Shop.

Love Diane