Plus Size Capris – What to wear when it’s HOT

The temperature is climbing and there’s so much to do. Outdoor get-togethers, picnics in the park, shopping, eating lunch, walking.  My Mom always jokes about it being so warm she had to wear her “shorts”. She means capris because my she doesn’t do shorts anymore. Are they short pants or loooong shorts? lol The joy of capris is they are much cooler than pants, look great paired with loose tops, and who doesn’t like to show a little ankle? That’s still a crime, isn’t it?

We have a great selection of super cute Capri-length bottoms to get you through the dog days of Summer. Pair with a flowy top made of breathable bamboo knit and you’ll look as amazing as you’ll feel comfortable.

A selection of Spring Capri pants made of bamboo from Diane Kennedy clothing

Movie Legging

Stripes or Dots, what’s your favourite? Our Movie Leggings are a 3/4 length Capri based on our Rejuvenate legging. They’re cut to fit comfortably in the crotch and seat in every size.

Spring Capri pants made of bamboo from Diane Kennedy clothing

Motion Capri

This design started out as a unique sleeve.  We were fooling around with a twisted detail and it found its way into the leg of our Motion Capri.  With our signature smooth waistband, it fits just like all our classic pants. It also features handy, flat to the body pockets, a mid-calf length and the openwork detail at the hem.

Ankle detail of Diane Kennedy's Motion Capri

Flight Capri

If you love our Flex Pant, you are in luck! The Flight Capri fits just like our Flex Pant but with flat to the body pockets. These capris aren’t tight on the leg but cut just right to give ease of movement and a more relaxed fit.

Spring Capri pants made of bamboo from Diane Kennedy clothing

Casting Capri

Based on our Serene Pant, this Capri has a wider leg for anyone that has a preference for a wide, flowy leg. Designed to perfectly complement any of your warm weather tops or jackets. Black and white stripes give this Capri a modern graphic look.  The Casting Capri can be dressed up or down to suit your needs.

Spring Capri pants made of bamboo from Diane Kennedy clothing

We want you to be cool and comfortable from top to bottom this Summer!

New arrivals of our Capri-length bottoms made from softest bamboo can be found in our online shop here.

Visit us at our next Studio Shop to see everything in person. We’re open for shopping Friday, June 1 from 2-7 and Saturday, June 2 from 11-5 @ 1635 Powell Street, Vancouver B.C.

XOX Barb

Spring Fashion Has Sprung!

It’s all here

You asked us to let you know when all the Spring Fashion was in so you could see it together as a collection. We use small local manufacturers to make our Canadian made clothing so it comes to us in small batches. The complete collection of our Spring Fashion is here and in stock now. Have a look!

Introducing Emma

We wanted to share our sustainable bamboo designs with you on a new model; Emma. She’s 5’7″, over 40, a size 1X on top and 2X on the bottom to give you an idea of sizing in the photos. She was one of the first original ‘plus size models’ back in the day in London. We’re thrilled to have her shoot with us.

A close up shot of Diane Kennedy's Spring Fashion. It's the Film Noir Black & White bamboo Jacket

In the photo below she’s wearing the super soft, bamboo Film Noire Jacket over the striped Casting Capri. While this black and white jacket obviously can be worn with black bottoms like our Serene Pant, this striped Capri is how we envisioned coordinating this outfit.

Diane Kennedy's Spring Fashion. It's the Film Noir Jacket in Black & White patterned bamboo.

What to wear when it’s warm?

We know many of you love our classic Flex pants, but what to wear when it’s too hot for pants?  Have you discovered the shorter capri version of the Flex called the Flight Capri? It’s built the same as the Flex pant but also has flat to the body pockets and a little slit at the hem. We just got sizes back in stock in three colours, Black, Navy and White.

There are more new colours of the Feature Tunic too. A gorgeous violet purple tie-dye and a Blue Anchor version.

A Diane Kennedy Spring Fashion outfit of the Feature Tunic in Blue Anchors and White Flight Capri's.

A Diane Kennedy Spring Fashion outfit of the Feature Tunic in Purple Tie Dye and Navy Flight Capri's.

Shorter leggings are another great item for warmer weather.  New in is the Movie Legging in two prints on Black; stripes or dots. They coordinate with many items, but especially with the new Sequel Tunic. With an elongated V neckline and handy pocket, ‘Movie’ legging and ‘Sequel’ tunic were meant to be together!

A Diane Kennedy Spring Fashion outift of the Sequel Tunic in Black Feathers and Movie Leggings in Black Stripe.

A Diane Kennedy Spring Fashion outfit of the Sequel Tunic in Slate Blue and Movie Leggings in Black Dots.

If you love our Screen Playsuit but are not sure what it would look like on your body type, we’re showing it here on Emma in a size 2X.  Don’t wait on this one, we’re selling out on sizes here.

Diane Kennedy's Spring Fashion includes this Screen Playsuit in Navy and Turquoise Stripe.

We hope you enjoy mixing and matching your Diane Kennedy pieces this Spring as much as we did.  Now, bring on the warm weather!

Love Diane


Mixing Prints; Diane Kennedy Style

Mixing Prints Diane Kennedy style

It’s not easy to find prints and patterns in bamboo fabric, but this spring we were able to find a few.  I’m always looking for unique prints and textures in the bamboo fabric we love so much! As my customers, you’re used to seeing mostly solids from me so I thought it might be a good opportunity to talk about mixing prints together. There are a couple of tops and a jacket that I’ve designed that do the mixing for you.  All you have to do is choose either a coordinating solid colour or pull out one of the prints already in the mix to put your outfit together.  Fashion should be fun, sometimes it’s great to rework the ‘formula’.

Mixing Prints Diane Kennedy style

Viola wears the Cinema Tunic in Navy and the Smarty Pants

Mixing Prints Diane Kennedy style

Carly wears the Film Noir Jacket

But what about mixing prints together when it’s not been planned out for you? Is this something you would try?

My thoughts on how to Mix Prints

The first thing you look for is at least one colour in common, but two is better. The scale is important and simple graphic prints are easier to mix than more complex ones. Here’s an example of mixing prints with colours that match and the pattern as the only variable. This is a great way to introduce pattern matching into your wardrobe. . .

Mixing Prints Diane Kennedy style

Viola wears the Feature Tunic and Smarty Pants

To mix prints successfully, two patterns is usually enough. It takes a skilled eye to mix multiple patterns together, although it’s certainly possible. If you want to try it, stick to a simple colour scheme like black and white. Adding solids to the mix plus a punchy colour in your accessories is another way to go. Fashion used to be about rules, now not so much. Make your own rules! My notes here are meant as a guideline only. Mixing elements like patterns, colours and accessories together is what makes fashion fun and interesting.

Mixing Prints Diane Kennedy style

Viola wears the Cinema Tunic in Black with the Casting Capri

Step outside your comfort zone and try some print mixing for yourself!

Love Diane


Dress For Success; Empowering Women

Dress for Success; an organization to empower women and prepare them to re-enter the workforceOver the years Diane Kennedy has made donations to several charities and organizations including Dress For Success. It’s important to us to give back to our own community, especially as we’re in an industry that employs women in manufacturing jobs in our city of Vancouver.  It makes us especially happy to be able to donate clothing and business attire in plus sizes as there is always a need and shortage of larger sizes. We know women of every size need appropriate work clothes.

The Service

Dress For Success Vancouver is an organization that empowers women into the workforce by providing them with business attire, career services, and skills development programs.

Each Dress for Success client receives one suit when she has a job interview and can return for a second suit or separates when she finds work. This is free of charge for their clients.

We think this type of service can be life-changing.  How can a woman even go to a job interview when she has nothing to wear? Once she gets that job she will still need clothes to wear for her first couple of weeks until she gets her first paycheque. How wonderful that she can embark on a journey like this without having to worry about not having appropriate work clothes.

Dress for Success; an organization to empower women and prepare them to re-enter the workforce

Close To Home

On a personal note, I have seen firsthand how effective this organization was for a close friend of mine who was returning to the workforce after a bit of an absence that had left her broke and stressed out. When it came time to start going to interviews she was faced with a very limited wardrobe, not to mention low self-esteem from the process of job hunting as a mature woman returning to work.  Dress For Success allowed her to come in and choose some good basics to see her through the process and onto her first weeks of work once she was hired. More than that it allowed her to retain her dignity and gain the confidence to land her dream job.

Dress For Success Has a Vision

They’re proud to support women so that others have the independence to strengthen their families and shape their communities. Did you know Dress For Success has chapters in 12 major Canadian cities and 28 different countries?! 

For more information check out

XOX Barb

Peony Garden Party; Herbaceous Semi-Doubles

The Peony bloom is an exceptional and fleeting moment caught in time. So perfect and memorable in the instant when the petals unfurl like the loveliest vintage party dress.  These luscious coral blooms caught my eye at the florist and became the inspiration for this post.  And so I’ve been reminiscing about all the beautiful peonies that used to grow in my garden.

Coral Charm Peony
Coral Charm Peony (herbaceous perennial)

Shortly after I bought my first house, my new neighbour told me about a yard they were going to rebuild on. She suggested I rescue the peonies lining the front pathway.  Sure enough little red shoots we’re pushing through the dirt and so I dug out five beautiful healthy looking clumps from this abandoned yard.

Peony shoots
Beautiful reddish shoots in the Spring are the perfect foil for small, early bulbs. Indeed the Peony foliage spreads to cover the bulb foliage as it dies off after blooming.

A Flower of Tradition

Peonies are very long-lived and can live for a hundred years. It was totally worth my effort as I got many years of enjoyment out of those original clumps. I even dug them up and took them to my next house.  They’re very garden worthy; and easy to grow in a completely organic manner. Even after blooming the foliage is handsome and somewhat shrubby in the garden. The large flowers are heavy and so it’s important to place the obligatory peony ring (metal support) in place before the shoots have gotten too high.

Peony Bowl of Beauty
Peony ‘Bowl of Beauty’

Bloom Time

The anticipation builds from the moment the buds start to form. They get  bigger and fatter and tend to burst open right as some heavy rain is eminent. Run out and clip a generous bunch as they open and bring a bouquet into the house to enjoy. Such beautiful petals in a ruff of overlapping deliciousness deserve to be admired up close!

Peony 'Yellow Crown'
Peony ‘Yellow Crown’

Garden Party

While the doubles are probably the most recognizable form of the Peony, I’ve always been partial to the semi doubles myself because of the contrast of the beautiful stamens in the center.  Peonies come in many lovely colours;  butter yellows, white,  many shades of pink through to crimson red.  The bloom of a peony is one of those moments in the garden that is truly memorable. Just like the most special moments of our life; your first kiss, when your grandchild is  born….the bloom of the Peony is fleeting but no less worthwhile.

Love Diane