Diane Kennedy

Creativity makes me tick. My brain is always concocting a new idea. I started this blog not too long ago to share my passions and discovered a new medium for creativity…….expression in words.

It’s wonderful to be able to make ideas a reality. I imagine a beautiful garden filled with fragrant flowers or a blank wall that needs a new piece of (painted) art and make it so.  But mostly my dreams involve soft drapable fabric and a woman’s body. My real passion is designing fashion. Making clothes that look good on a curvy female form.  It seems that women starting at about a size 10-12 and up need some extra confidence when it comes to how to dress. This is something I understand very well, always being short with plenty of curvaceous parts. So a few years back,  it was time for dreams to become reality and “Diane Kennedy” (the clothing line) was born.

As a pattern-maker I know how to make clothing designs come to life.  It all begins with a quick scribbled sketch on a page before opening a CAD program and choosing a fit block to get started. Right there on the screen, the shapes are created that make up the garment. The outline of the collar or the pocket is intuitively drawn to flatter the body. Adding a seam here or there to make a pleasing arrangement of line and form.  Architecture using fabric if you will.

I have a lot of life and business experience behind me.  I turned 46 this year.  It’s a really rewarding and confident place to be. There are still a lot of challenges ahead, but I’m excited to share thoughts about real life, designs for curvy women and my experiences along the way. I hope you’ll come and join the conversation! I’d love to hear your comments!

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