Welcome back Barb; Diane Kennedy Style

When you’ve been in business for 14 years, you get to meet and work with people from all walks of life. Sometimes they come, sometimes they go, and sometimes you get lucky and they come back around again. Flashback five years ago to our former studio on Railway Street; Barb came to work with us for a time. She had been the owner of the original Bodacious store on Main Street where a lot of our Diane Kennedy brand was sold. It seemed like a natural progression to hire someone that was already so familiar with our brand. That was then, and same goes now.

 I’m so excited to announce that we have Barb back on staff here.  Just chatting with her over lunch today about her favourite Diane Kennedy pieces, all of which she still has from at least 6 years ago. Her favs are the Rejuvenate legging and the Gotta Have It Jacket.  Being a plus size woman as well as a plus size retailer for so many years, she has a keen understanding of women’s bodies and issues around buying clothes.  She’s a plus size fit expert! 

Barb in Diane Kennedy's Evidence Tunic

Barb loves fashion and isn’t afraid to push the limits of her own style. Her favourite thing to do is take a classic style and find a way to make it uniquely her own. She loves the comfort and cut of Diane Kennedy clothing because there’s really nothing quite like the way bamboo drapes and flows to flatter any body type. More than anything she enjoys sharing her joy of beautifully made clothes with our customers. Helping someone discover a colour or cut that just works for their personality AND body type is where the true joy comes from for Barb and she says there’s nothing better than watching someone’s face light up when they try something on that really, truly fits their body and sense of style.

We asked Barb to pick out a few new favourites from our Spring collection and model them for us.

Barb's wearing the Adventure jacket over the Clever Cami and Smarty Pant
Barb’s wearing the Adventure jacket over the Clever Cami and Smarty Pant
Barb looks awesome in our Diane Kennedy Evidence Tunic and solid Bamboo leggings with her own vintage Fluevogs
Barb looks awesome in our Diane Kennedy Evidence Tunic and solid Bamboo leggings with her own vintage Fluevogs
Diane Kennedy Soft Shirt with the Rejuvenate Legging in Black Polka Dots
Soft Shirt with the Rejuvenate Legging in Black Polka Dots


If you’ve never crossed paths with Barb, perhaps you will be lucky enough to experience her warm and enthusiastic energy when you come by to shop. Or, possibly, Barb will be the one to help you when you need customer service. 

Welcome back to our team, Barb! 

Diane Kennedy, eco-fashion, plus size clothing, made in canada,

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Style Notes: The Smarty Pant

At the time my Spring collection was more or less finished, I had a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction, like there had to be something more….  After a bit of ruminating, I opened up my CAD program I use to design and pulled up our popular Serene Pant. From there, I started to “chop” and manipulate the pattern pieces. What came up the other side was magical and astonishing. We quickly sewed a prototype to try it out and instantly knew we had something wonderful. Then our clever office admin came up with the name. And so, the Smarty pant was born!

It’s interesting to note that the front and back are cut in one large panel, all together, and so it takes a surprising amount of fabric. To get that amazing drape at the side of the leg, no side seam can be there, as it would interfere with the design line. These bottoms came together so quickly, in part, thanks to the amazing drape that our signature bamboo fabric has. This graphic black and white stripe fabric is a 10 oz, 92% Bamboo jersey knit blended with 8% Lycra, allowing for a lovely luxurious yet lightweight that you can definitely feel.

Kaleigh wears The Smarty Pant & Illustrate Tunic in Black

Although we’ve cut the inseam length to 31″, never fear! If your leg is a more petite length, this Smarty pant will adapt. It works if you’re taller as well. The cuff is meant to sit around the ankle, but even looks good slightly above also.

Here’s how it looks on someone that’s 5’2″ (Fashion designers can be petite, too!) I’m also wearing the new Experiment Tunic here.

Diane wears The Smarty Pant with The Experiment Tunic in Black

Always thinking about versatility in your wardrobe,  we simply couldn’t design such funky, fashionable bottoms without having some on point tops to coordinate! The Illustrate Tunic is a great choice with its fabulous built in drape along the front diagonal seamline.  Or perhaps our new Clever Cami (which is ever so clever, with its ability to be worn reversible, front-to-back!…you choose either scoop neck or V neck)

Erin wears The Clever Cami (V-Neck front) & The Smarty Pant | Erin wears the Inquisitive Tunic in Beryl (Available Now) with The Vital Vest and Rejuvenate Leggings in White Dot (Coming Soon)

Diane Kennedy, eco-fashion, plus size clothing, made in canada,





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How to care for your bamboo garments

If there’s one thing that Diane Kennedy customers love about our garments, it’s how effortless they are! Effortless to wear and care for, that is! Our signature bamboo fabrics are not only incredibly soft and comfortable, they are also just as easy breezy to maintain.

Washing / Drying

We recommend machine washing our bamboo garments in cold water using a mild eco-friendly soap. After washing, we suggest laying flat or hanging to dry. It’s ok to put them in the dryer for a few minutes to get some of the moisture out, but please be sure to hang them up right away afterwards.  Our bamboo fabric can hold quite a bit of moisture due to its unique cellular properties. It’s ok to hang tops and ‘shorter items’, but longer items like pants might need to be laid flat to dry to ensure no stretching occurs. For longer tunics and bottoms, draping over a rack best preserves the shape of our garments.

Should you find Diane Kennedy bamboo item accidentally finds its way into the dryer, it most likely will not shrink! But if you ever notice a change in the shape of a garment, our fabric responds very well to “wet blocking” –
Just go ahead and rewash it, then lay it flat, stretching it into its original shape and allow to let dry completely. This will allow the piece to “reset” to its intended shape.

Packing for Travel

You may already know that our garments travel exceptionally well. Our pieces fold so nicely & efficiently that it makes packing very easy; whether you’re getting ready to take Diane Kennedy on a trip, or just switching over your closet’s seasons. To minimize wrinkles, lay your garment flat, folding in the sleeves and hem (vertically, from top to bottom) into a rectangle, then simply roll up your garments starting from the neck.  When you get to your destination, shake them out and hang them up,  no ironing needed! Any wrinkles will fall out shortly.

A New Bamboo fabric to try

You’ll definitely want to make room in your closet for a bamboo fabric, just new this spring.  This 55% organic cotton & 45% bamboo blend has an incredibly lightweight, relaxed feel that’ll keep you cool & comfortable when the temperature’s rising. It has a subtle slub texture similar to natural silk. It’s super easy care,  just treat it like our regular bamboo fabric.

For Spring 2017, we are introducing it in 3 lovely shades:

Care for these bamboo tunics is super easy, machine wash and hang to dry!
Left to Right: Erin wears Inquisitive Tunic in Beryl, Shelly wears Experiment Tunic in Slate, Kaleigh wears Experiment Tunic in Flint


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Diane Kennedy, eco-fashion, plus size clothing, made in canada,

Spring 2017 + Preview pieces

After the record-breaking cold weather winter has been bringing lately, it’s nice to change our focus onto the warmer temperatures coming up. Have a look at our newest arrivals as well as preview more lovely things to come for Diane Kennedy this Spring 2017 season.

While we will always love how our signature pants and leggings look and paired with a tunic (looser on top and narrower on the bottom), a reverse trend has made its appearance known, which inverts the emphasis from top to bottom. Last Fall, we introduced our answer to the Palazzo-style bottom by releasing our Pacific Pant. This Spring, we continue the trend by offering several new wider, more flowing bottoms.

Get Smarty…

Brand new and bestselling for Spring, The Smarty Pant comes in this strikingly graphic black and white pin stripe. This pant sits smoothly across the waist & drapes from the hip in our signature fit, but what makes it uniquely modern is its asymmetrical, draped hem, which tapers to a narrower cuff.

The Illustrate Tunic available in Black, White & Flint | Smarty Pant  available in Black Stripe (Coming Soon – Pre-order now!)

Here, we’ve paired it with our The Illustrate tunic, a wardrobe staple with a V-neck which flows down into built in draping along the seam line and finishes at the asymmetrical hemline.

Punctuate Your Life…

Erin is wearing The Genius Jacket & Punctuate Jacket in Slate. Clever Cami in White.

You’re going to feel like a Genius in this jacket, “punctuated” with our newest matching pant. Available in Slate (pictured) & Black, both feature button and pleat details that look great together or as separates. The Punctuate Pant features a similar fit as our popular Serene Pant. But this time, we’ve lightened up the look with a cropped leg, hitting just below the mid-calf.

Erin is wearing The Clever Cami in White (Coming Soon!)
Kaleigh is wearing The Clever Cami in White (Coming Soon!)

Add a Clever Cami and you’ve got yourself a smart set! This versatile top is the perfect light layer underneath our jackets and as an added bonus, reversible. Wear it as a scoop neck or a V-neck, it’s your choice!

Experiment with A Tunic or Three… 

On the topic of Tunics, we have 3 lovely new tops to tease you with. Pair them with our leggings or wide leg bottoms for an effortlessly polished look.

Erin is wearing The Observe Tunic in Black Palm + Rejuvenate Leggings also in Black Palm Jacquard. Note: Fabric has been digitally lightened to show Emboss print. Colour is true black.
The Inquisitive Tunic available in 2 colours: Erin (left) in Beryl. Kaleigh (right) in Black Tie Dye.
Kaleigh is wearing The Experiment Tunic in Flint

Showing The Evidence…

Kaleigh is wearing The Evidence Tunic (Coming soon!)

Who says you can’t mix prints? Here’s the Evidence!

We jazzed up The Evidence Tunic by blocking solid black with graphic white pin stripes and a light dot print.

We have so many amazing items coming in the next few months, stay tuned!

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Want to try out our available Spring Collection? We’re holding an Open Studio Shop next week! Come visit on Friday, Feb 24 (2-7pm) & Saturday, Feb 25 (11-5) and get yourself into some of our new pieces!


Check out Shelly’s Spring Style

Shelly is wearing The Inquisitive Tunic & Rhythm Gauchos


Last blog, we gave you a behind the scenes peek from our latest photoshoot with one of Diane’s most stylish friends, Shelly. A long time Diane Kennedy enthusiast, we asked Shelly to impart her own personal style to some of our brand new Spring collection.

“I’ve never been so comfortable having my picture taken!” Shelly said.  Our bamboo fabric has thermal regulating properties, meaning it helps keep you cool and comfortable even when your temperature’s rising.





Shelly Observes…

One very observant comment Shelly made during the photoshoot was that Plus Size women are often blessed with generous, high-breasted necklines. Diane Kennedy recognizes the need for tops that add visual intrigue and draw your eye without distracting cleavage. Diane accomplishes this by including unique details to give flirtatious flare to the décolletage, while remaining modest enough for the office.

Shelly wears The Observe Tunic in Malachite Palm

Our new Observe Tunic features all these lovely details; The playful neckline is not quite a boat neck, not quite a crew neck and features a coy but demure elliptical cut out. It’s pulled together with 3/4 sleeves that also echo the chic neckline cut out.

The Observe Tunic features a unique cutout on the 3/4 length sleeve

This Spring, we’re releasing it in a brand new fabric. This custom Palm print is made out of a super soft blend that was knitted especially for us in this beautiful Malachite green.

Shelly gets into a Rhythm…

When Shelly arrived in our studio, she was wearing her wearing her favourite pair of Diane Kennedy bottoms, the Petite Serene Pant. “They’re casual yet classy. I tell everyone about them!”

Knowing this, we were excited to see her reaction to our Rhythm Gauchos. She had seen them last Spring and was looking forward to giving these “Summer Serene” ‘capri’s’ a try.  They are perfect for anyone that needs a wider cut leg. She went on to explain that she loves Diane Kennedy bottoms because of their versatility. They can be casual and comfortable one minute and dressed up for dinner the next.

Shelly wears The Observe Tunic in Malachite Palm with our Black Rhythm Gauchos. Shoes by Fluevog

And speaking of heels, we were beside ourselves with all the gorgeous Sonja Picard silver jewelry and stunning Fluevog shoes that Shelly brought to style with.

The Inquisitive Shelly…

Shelly appreciates the comfort and freedom of movement that our line provides all day. So we wanted to get her into a tunic that makes her feel like the “office goddess” she is!

The Inquisitive Tunic features asymmetrical seaming & hemline to add visual intrigue.

Our smoky Inquisitive Tunic in Black and White Tie Dye is one of our new Spring items this year. It’s a great example of how our fit skims and flatters your curves, rather than tightly hugging them. The 3/4 length sleeves, asymmetrical seaming/hemline and drop shoulders pleasingly accentuates your feminine frame, with a drape that feels as good as it looks. Best part of all? The convenient right hand pocket, perfect for your cell phone!

Shelly shows off how amazing statement jewelry pairs with our tunics.

We love how Shelly looked in our Spring Items and love how she paired them with accessories from her current wardrobe. We love fitting into your closet and it’s such a pleasure seeing how our customers style their Diane Kennedy clothes.

Check out our new Spring 2017 collection here.