Diane’s Suitcase




For the last couple of weeks, our fabulous designer, Diane, has been off traversing the gorgeous sights of Ireland. She’s been spying some quaint architecture, lovely gardens and of course, breathtaking castle/seaside landscapes.



While she’s away, we thought we’d reveal a few candid snaps of Diane’s suitcase; no better place to learn how to fashionably pack for a trip than from a fashion designer!






Being a seasoned Vancouverite, Diane was definitely prepared for Ireland’s wet and windy climate…




…But she definitely didn’t need to sacrifice style for suitable attire with all her Diane Kennedy wear!



It only made sense for Diane to bring along some of our line with her; our signature bamboo knit fabric travels so easily; it’s so soft, it rolls up or folds flat very easily. After she chose a colour palette that was easy to mix and match with, she added her favourite Fluevogs and a cute purse and she was all set to say, “Sláinte”!



Some great DK travel staples are our Rejuvenate Leggings and our tunics like the Soft Shirt & Playful Tunic, as they look good with slim fit pants or leggings. Our clothes were designed with comfort in mind, so Diane will have no trouble staying comfortable while she sight sees!


Everyone here at DK HQ wishes Diane a safe and fun trip and looks forward to all her holiday snaps when she returns!

-Team DK

Sneak Peek for Fall! Our Reversible 3-Piece



Here at Diane Kennedy, we appreciate that our clientele is looking for clothing that flatters all body types and allows comfortable freedom of movement.

As a pragmatic woman and fashion designer, Diane understands the need for a versatile wardrobe. That’s why when she designs our collections, she ensures that our items easily fits into your wardrobe.


While preparing for the coming Fall season, Diane was looking for new fabrics in dark, subtle patterns. During a fabric meeting, she came across a lovely soft swatch of Black fabric, striated with light grey that she had never seen before. Even better, the fabric happened to feature a reversible side in a lovely Mid-Heather grey side.

Close-up of Blur/Mid-Heather Grey reversible fabric

And so the seed was planted! With the growing popularity of multi-functional apparel, it seemed like kismet that she came across this fabric. With years of past experience working in the Yoga Apparel industry, Diane knew that the key to ensuring the items look finished is including a detail we’ve used in the past. Flatlock stitching!

Close-up of Flatlock stitching & Mid-Heather Grey side

For those not in the know, Flatlock Stitching is a style of exposed seam that is flat and has the almost exact appearance both inside and out. It is often used as a technical stitch on items such as yoga & sports apparel. In our own line, we currently use Flatlock stitching on such pieces as our Rejuvinate Legging and Market Tunic.


But enough about the fabric! Let’s talk about the garments themselves.
For the first time ever, we’re offering these 3 reversible items that, when paired together, can give you up to 10 different outfits(we counted!)

Reversible Drawings


The Reversible Cowl may look familiar; it’s based on a customer favourite, The Reflect Cowl. The elegant neckline, tunic length and full sleeves are universally flattering on all.

The Reversible Pant has a similar fit to our Balance Pant; except this time, we’ve used this luxurious yet versatile reversible fabric and reworked the waistline. Almost a legging, but really a slim fit pant.


The Reversible Vest is a brand new design for Diane Kennedy; The flatlock stitching and unique seaming details like the angled princess seam, a back yoke and center back seam ensure a perfect fit.

We hope you love our new Reversible Outfit! We’re so excited about it, we’re currently offering it as a 3-Piece Set! It’s a comfy, versatile look to add to your Fall Wardrobe.

Did you spy Diane’s accessories? Courtesy of Fluevog Shoes and Sonja Picard, they add such great finishing touch to the look.

Reversible Accessories
Jewelry by The Sonja Picard Collection | Grand City Shoes by Fluevog Shoes

A big thank you to our designer turned fashion model, Diane, for being a wonderful model for this look!



Diane’s #ootd: Summer in Momiji Garden

Vancouver is well known for its mild seasons and gorgeous scenery. Summer is no exception, and thankfully you don’t need to get out of the city to enjoy our greenery. One of Diane’s favourite new tranquil spots in Vancouver is only a few minutes away from our offices and offers peaceful respite. A happy bonus as well, it is far less busy than (and just as beautiful as) the tourist must-see, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens.

Hidden away in plain site at Hastings Park Conservatory, you’d never know it’s located along a busy main road!


Completed in 1993, The Park Board concurred with the PNE (a local non-profit organization that hosts our annual 17 day summer festival) and the Japanese-Canadian community to create the garden. It would end up representing the first step in Hastings Park’s transformation into the public green space that it is now.

With such a (not-so) hidden gem readily available to us, Diane and our media team decided to go for a quick stroll one sunny afternoon and take some pictures.

Diane is wearing Downtown Tunic in Mango, Recharge Vest in Navy & Deck Tights in Navy

Serendipitously, while we were walking around, we noticed a very familiar flower…


Look familiar?

The Pink Japanese Anenome | Our hangtag art

Anyone who owns a Diane Kennedy item, knows our hangtags feature lovely artwork of this delicate flower! Aptly named the Pink Japanese Anenome, this gorgeous botanical is a Summer to Fall  perennial; perfect for your own garden, if you have the space. This beauty likes to spread out. Just a little handy tip!

With Mother Nature showing off her colours, Momiji-style,  Diane decided to show off her own with this darling summer outfit.

Diane is wearing Downtown Tunic in Mango & Recharge Vest in Navy

Diane designed our Downtown Tunic with a shorter length  than some of our other tunics (with a shoulder to hem measurement of 26.5″), making it the perfect top for Petites to layer underneath our ever versatile Recharge Vest.

Pair it with another favourite, our popular Deck Tights, and you’ve got an outfit that flatters all statures. They look gorgeous with a great pair of heels! Diane loves wearing them with her blue-hued “Hopeful Flourish” shoes from Fluevog.

Diane is wearing Deck Tights in Navy

With practicality in mind, we also love this outfit because it’s a great look for transitioning into Fall (which is still thankfully at least couple months away). The thermal regulating, hypo-allergenic properties of our signature bamboo fabric will keep you comfortable as summer heats up, while our designs also allow for lots of layering and coverage, as it gets cooler as well.

We hope you enjoyed this little photowalk! It’s wonderful to be able to step outside and be so inspired by the beauty of your city. Don’t you agree?

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Your Perfect Summer Pant






The summer is here and we’re gearing up for the warmer weather with a few cropped options for bottoms. Diane Kennedy is pleased to spotlight three different styles that we think are perfect choices in the sun!



Deck Tights

Jihan is wearing Deck Tights in White

Summer is synonymous with…sailing! And that’s exactly where the inspiration for these tights come from. Introduced just last year, they’ve quickly become a summer standard. Diane absolutely loves wearing them herself. If you love our Rejuvenate Leggings or Cafe Leggings, you’ll love the fit of our Deck Tights.

Deck Tights in Navy, Olive, Black & White

Inspired by the  bottoms worn by deck hands (sometimes also referred to as “clam diggers” or “pedal pushers”), our take on these boatable bottoms feature a chic little turn cuff and tab accented by our signature gunmetal buttons.

Flight Capri

Bianca is wearing the Fifth Avenue Cami & Flight Capri in Azure

Being based in Vancouver, BC, it’s hard to ignore the active wear trend that is everywhere right now and the Flight Capris are our answer to the “Yoga Pant”. But they’re not just for centering your chakras, you can do everything in them!

Flight Capri in Azure, Steel, Aruba, Black & Navy

With the same Flex Pant fit that we’ve become known for, this looser fit capri features a smooth, wide waistband and flat to the body pockets. A fantastic feature, in case you just want a couple of essentials on you. Throw a Direction Tunic on and you’re good to go!

Plus, the flat lock stitching and side slits add a little decorative flair, whether you’re taking a casual stroll in the sun or running errands around the city!

Rhythm Gaucho

One of our most versatile styles, our Rhythm Gaucho is an early style circa 2008 that we’ve brought back by popular demand! Perfectly breezy for the summer with a stylish flare in the leg, these bottoms look fabulous with flip-flops in the summer, but can easily transition into a Fall/Winter  look, by simply adding complementary tall boots.

Vanessa is wearing Symmetry Tunic & Rhythm Gaucho in Grape

As with all our bottoms, this piece fits smoothly across the waist and stomach. Additionally, the luxurious 12oz bamboo jersey we cut it creates an elegant drape that fans of our Serene Pant will recognize.

Rhythm Gaucho in Black, Clay, Espresso, Grape & Olive

We’re pleased to offer this style again, it’s such a great item for the summer and beyond!

With our signature (and thermally regulating!) bamboo fabric, these pieces will keep you stylish and comfortable this whole season.

Who wears short shorts?…
…not us!

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Size Matters

With the fashion industry taking notice of the need for more plus-size clothing, there are more larger garments available in the market. While many designers are jumping on the bandwagon, I question whether or not they really understand the intricacies of fitting and designing garments which accommodates the proper fit of bigger sizes. I thought I’d take a moment and explain a few factors that I take into account when designing my line. I think it’s important for consumers to know that proper fit is not as straightforward as magnifying a pattern from a size 6 to a true plus size.

When designing with plus sizes in mind, it’s important to think about the curvier woman’s proportions. She will likely have a much more ample bust and proportionately bigger biceps, as well. From shoulders and forearms to calves and thighs, these areas will be proportionally larger. And body types need to be addressed, too. For example, if she’s an apple shape, her stomach will be larger. If she’s a pear shape, her bum will be bigger. Something that few “regular size”  pattern makers think about is that the width (from the side) changes dramatically as well. In response to these specialised sizing needs, I always make a separate pattern for plus sizes. It’s important to do this for optimal fit!


Of course being a plus sized woman myself, I lean towards styling the plus-size woman and what her aesthetic needs are. The larger woman is less likely to tuck in her tops, so our styles do not include details like stiff/tight waistbands.  Our waistbands are designed with a smooth fit and natural waists in mind, as I have noticed that it is simply the most flattering and comfortable on a range of sizes. We also tend to have slightly higher necklines to accommodate a generously sized bust as well as larger bust darts built right into the patterns. This gives our customers the ability to stylishly highlight their decolletage without fear of excessive cleavage.

Once I have a design that addresses all these fit concerns, I move on to the smaller sizes. At Diane Kennedy we make two patterns for every clothing item that we design. One pattern that fits regular sizes and another that fits plus sizes. Each pattern is then fitted on a real person in each size range. This is quite opposite from other designers, who often create with a specific body type in mind and simply size up on the patterns, which is not an accurate way to design, in my opinion.  Personally, I’ve tried on garments with arms that are way to long and shoulders that hang off unflatteringly. This is what happens when a pattern is graded too many sizes, too far away from the base size.

In an effort to promote size inclusivity, our regular Diane Kennedy customers will know that we carry all 8 sizes; from small to 3X.


Which leads us to an important size that we include in our line up, size 0X. But we often field the question “What size is 0X?”


We feel it’s imperative to include this size in order to fit those that are in between sizes. Because 0X is 2″ bigger than an XL and 3″ smaller than a 1X, it is able to accommodate those between true regular sizing and true plus sizing. If you leave that size out, there’s an enormous gap between sizes, up to 5″!

I hope that the information I’ve have shared lends some insight into my fit and design process that illustrates my dedication, as a fit technician and fashion designer.

Diane Kennedy, eco-fashion, plus size clothing, made in canada,