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Cruise Cami, diane Kennedy, Dressing for yoga, plus sized yoga wear Yoga is an exercise routine that almost anyone can do. It supports you at whatever age you are, and whatever level of fitness you may be starting at. The balance of meditation, stretching and self-reflection, even if only done for 10 minutes a day, can give you a big energy boost. You can find almost all types of yoga practice; some for hormonal balance, fertility or pregnancy and even divine feminine power. I have heard women say that yoga has helped them with the obvious benefits of physical and emotional balance, as well the unexpected benefit of body self-acceptance. I recently had the chance to try a few drop-in Yoga classes and I have to admit that, despite my apprehension, it was a unique, relaxing experience. A good part of that was having dressed comfortably for the occasion!

While there are many companies providing yoga wear to the masses, there are not many options for plus-sized women. Yoga can assist us in shedding negative self-images, but it can be disheartening if you cannot find the appropriate items to wear. Bamboo fabric is an ideal textile for work out wear, because it has a good amount of stretch, and wicks moisture and heat away from your body. The Rejuvenate Legging is sized up to a 3X and is cut to fit comfortably in the crotch and seat, which is definitely a must if you are practicing yoga poses. The Cafe Legging is a shorter length, and hits just below the knee, which could work well if you want to be a little less covered.

Many plus-sized women have said that wearing looser clothing just feels better when working out. Perhaps it is because of sweating or more likely, because they want to feel comfortable. When entering into a yoga studio, for the first time or not, you want to completely concentrate on the workout, and focus less on how you look. Comfort and wearability are key! Our Cruise Camis have been popular with our customers to wear under jackets, for travelling or simply worn on their own. The generous cut and v-neckline are also practical to wear for yoga practice, if simply because the fabric is soft, comfortable, 92% bamboo jersey-knit blended with 8% lycra. Bamboo is as easy to care for as a cotton t-shirt, simply launder it on the delicate cycle with similar soft garments. Unlike other yoga-brands on the market, our clothing can be  dried in the dryer on a low to medium heat setting.

dressing for yoga, plus sized yoga wear, diane kennedy bamboo clothing

Flight Capri pants are another option for yoga-wear, with a looser fit and a wide signature smooth waistband. The pockets may come in handy for yoga classes outdoors too! Certainly in the Vancouver area, in the summertime we see a variety of yoga classes being held on beaches and parks. One thing for certain is that yoga has become popular over the last number of years because it can be embraced by women, men, young and old and a variety of body shapes and sizes. The gentle push of the muscles and connection to your soul can enable you to push harder than maybe you have ever done before in any exercise routine. Yoga teaches you to be in tune with your body, at whatever stage that may be in your life.

I want to end this post with a beautiful message our instructor shared with us at my yoga experience. Take a moment to breathe deep and let the words resonate with you, too.

Have you tried yoga classes? It may just be a form of exercise that you didn’t realize you would love.

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