What is a Size 0X?

It’s a question we get asked a lot by shoppers in our studio. “Is it smaller than a size XL? The answer is, it’s actually one size bigger than an XL. It’s a very important size for our brand to fit those that are in between sizes. Size 0X is really part of a bridge between regular and plus sizes. That begs the question, what is a size 0X?

What is a size 0X? Simply put, a size 0X is: One FULL SIZE larger than an 'XL'.


I first started designing my brands because when shopping and was so frustrated to find clothes that I wanted to buy but that weren’t available in my size. The stores all seemed to only carry up to a size extra large. I remember asking the sales clerk… “Can’t it just come in one more size?”

Aside from being a designer for many years, I’m also a patternmaker and fit technician. Even as the owner of the company, I’m very much hands on with these tasks. It doesn’t matter how pretty a design is; if it doesn’t fit, no one will buy it. So, fit is critically important to me. Along with pattern making, another important task is called grading which is taking a pattern and making it into all the different sizes.

 Before I ever started my brand Diane Kennedy), I had been working as a designer/ patternmaker/ grader professionally for many years. I was the first patternmaker at the beginning of what was then a ‘little brand’ called LuluLemon. I remember asking Chip Wilson why he didn’t make a bigger sizes. His answer was….let’s just say…. less than satisfactory.

 So at that moment in time, I was extremely frustrated with the absolute lack of my size in the clothes that I wanted to buy. If you follow the series of dress sizes, brands often go from XL to 2XL and then 3XL. But this really doesn’t represent plus sizes accurately. That’s why size 0X is so important; it fills the hole between true regular sizes and true plus sizes.  To fit the most people possible it was really important to include this size.

What is a size 0X? Diane Kennedy Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL, 0X, 1X, 2X, 3X

Another way to look at it: 0X is 2 inches bigger than a size XL and 3 inches smaller than a 1X. View our Fit Guide Here.

So we’re hoping to have cleared up exactly what exactly a size 0X really is. If you leave that size out, there’s an enormous gap between regular sizes, up to 5″ and that is why size 0X exists!