Diane Kennedy Customer Survey

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You, our customers are the reason we’re here. It’s a goal of ours to always improve your shopping experience with us. Please help us do that for you by taking a few minutes to fill out our Customer Survey.

Your Opinion Matters!

We’re very curious to know how you like to see our products presented to you. For example, would you like to see more views of the clothing or maybe a live video? In social media we try to show our clothes on regular people (non-models) but would you like to also see that on our website? How about the age and the size of the model? Would you like to see the clothing on someone who you can really relate too or do you prefer seeing the clothes showcased in the most attractive and professional way possible? Do you prefer to see plus-size models? Inquiring minds want to know!

To thank you for taking the time to talk to us we would like to offer you a $25 discount on your next online Diane Kennedy order. Why not order something comfy for yourself to wear over the holidays? The discount is valid until the end of January. Take the Diane Kennedy Customer Survey to receive your discount code.

By the way, we are just about to restock a couple of our best selling items. The Flex Pant and our Rejuvenate Legging in Black, Espresso and Black Rose (I wish you could feel how soft these are!). The Serene Pant will be ready soon as well in Regular and Petite.  These are some of our most versatile and popular pieces.

Here is the link to our customer survey

Thank you for your time and for helping us make Diane Kennedy Clothing even better!

Love Diane