Diane’s Lookbook: Show some Audacity

For this week’s Lookbook, I got together again with my good friend, Janice, for a brisk Autumn stroll while she tried on our Audacity Tunic. Regular readers of my blog will recognize her as my fiesty Vegan friend (and regular customer!) who tried out our Verve Zip in a Lookbook last month. This time around, she brought her delightful daughter along with us. Goes to show that the gorgeous gene runs in this family!


Before meeting up with Janice’s daughter, Emily, we stopped to take a few pictures in front of her house. I personally think Navy goes with everything, but it just looks sublime next to the beautiful fallen leaves.


While we waited for Emily, I gave Janice some insight into the design for the Audacity Tunic. I wanted something a bit higher in the neck, to prepare our decolletage for the coming windchill. Crewnecks can be a bit plain, so I decided to embellish it with an oxidized metal zipper integrated into the vertical seam lines. This creates a visual detail that draws the waist in, creating a delicate silhouette.


After we met up with Emily, I suggested my trusty paparazzo take a few sweet shots of mother & daughter. So hard not to want to take a pictures of such a darling duo.



I think they’re absolutely adorable together. It is so heartwarming to see a mother & daughter act like two best friends.

DianeKennedy_Audacity_Tunic_Swings “I haven’t done this since you were a little girl!” 


It was such a pleasure to meet Emily and see how warm her relationship with her mother is. As usual, Janice looks absolutely smashing in my tunic and I love seeing my friends glow in my clothes.

Hope you enjoyed going on this walk with us,

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PS. Eastside Culture Crawl Open House!

In case you didn’t know, we’ll be opening our doors during the Eastside Culture Crawl! Come on down and have a peek from 5pm-10pm November 19 (Thursday) & 20 (Friday) and 11am-6pm November 21 (Saturday) & 22  (Sunday)


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