Inner Workings of a Designer

Inner Workings of a DesignerI’ve always been both a pattern maker and a designer and therefore do things a little differently than most clothing designers. I tend to get my best ideas for new designs as I’m actually creating the pattern. As most designers aren’t hands on with the making of the actual patterns only a few use this method. Another advantage of this practice for me is that I get to impart my fit expertise to the patterns right from the get-go. This is a huge advantage as a plus size woman and designer/pattern maker; I completely understand how to make the design fit and flatter ALL sizes of women.

You may know that designers work a whole season ahead and so I’m just finishing designing for Spring 2018. So some of my process is really fresh in my head and this is what I’d like to share with you

Some of my best and most unique ideas come just as I am playing around with an idea in my head and then as I am manipulating the pattern pieces on the computer screen. That’s exactly how the Smarty Pants came into being. I had an idea, started fooling around with the patterns, and before I knew it I had a really cool pair of pants!

Coming next Spring…shhhh

I came up with a theory for another pair of unusual pants. The whole entire pant leg, front, and back, is actually created from one pattern piece. It wraps around the leg so that there’s absolutely no side seams or inner leg seams. To see if something’s going to work, occasionally I’ll print out a mini version of the pattern on paper and cut it out like a paper doll. That can save time and fabric, plus it’s kind of fun. The resulting pant came out super cool but so sorry, you’re going to have to wait until next spring to actually see it. (As it is I feel like I’m giving away a trade secret here!)

Inner workings of a designer

This photo shows another new item that’s coming for spring that’s actually going to be a bit of a jumpsuit/play suit merge. I start building the pattern from former designs (often referred to as blocks). They are the building blocks of the new pattern. If you look closely below you can see what originally was a tank top and a pair of capris. I can’t wait to show you!

Inner workings of a designer

I love working this way, as I’m very much a hands on person in so many aspects of my business. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little behind the scenes peek into my work as a designer!

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