Jackets: beauty + comfort

Have you ever put on a beautifully tailored jacket, stood in front of the mirror to admire how lovely the jacket fit only to realize you could barely move your arms? Do you know that tight restricted feeling I’m talking about? When you go to lift your arm or move it back and forth and you feel like your armpit is glued to your arm??

To give you a little bit of technical background here….jacket sleeves are built differently for each style of garment. A tailored sleeve has a very high cap compared to the width of the bicep, while a sports jacket will usually have a low cap and a wider bicep for the purpose of greater arm movement. For a ‘suit style’ jacket to be built in an optimal fashion, you ideally want a combination of these. A moderately high cap and a moderately wide bicep to give you the best of both worlds; a fashion look while maximizing your comfort. 

Our Jackets fit great in other ways too. We build darts and shaping right into our unique seam lines. Swing is added in as well for more room in places that you need it. This mean draping across your tummy and seat so nothing is tight or unflattering. Most of our jackets also offer pockets that are ‘hidden’ in design lines to give a smooth look.

InspireJacket-Diagram On top of the way our jackets are constructed, we also use a premium bamboo fabric that contains 8% Lycra stretch. So along with a great cut you also have the added factor of give in the fabric with allows for the movement and optimal comfort. 


With so many styles and colours to choose from, we have a perfect jacket to give you a professional look with you feeling just as comfortable as wearing a yoga jacket. 


InspireJacket_SienaExtraordinary fit without sacrificing comfort!