New Neutral: Olive

If you’ve been wearing Diane Kennedy for a while,  you’ll know that we love colours that can carry over into the next season. For this Spring season we introduced a new neutral we’re calling, “Olive“. Our take on the perpetually fashionable khaki colour, it’s a great shade of medium brown with a hint of yellow-green undertone. Because of its versatile neutral tone, it’s a colour that we’re definitely carrying forward into the Fall (quite possibly into next Spring, as well!).

It’s a fantastic pairing with the black and white items in my personal wardrobe, while being a soft enough colour to go with some of the new, warmer shades of orange we’ve introduced to you this season. Olive & Mango may not taste great together, but they sure do look great together!


Olive isn’t only a solid colour for us, though. We were so excited to see this subtle Olive tie-dye print and decided to use it for our Shoulder-U and Market Tunic, both of which are in short supply since we released them a few weeks ago. Thankfully, we have lots of Tie-Dye print in our Perfect Tee, the perfect match under our Olive Urban Jacket.

Another item we’re featuring in Olive is a brand new style for summer, The District Tunic. Also available in Grape, I decided to sample it myself as an #ootd. I think it might be my new favourite for the summer! I love designing with a bit of asymmetry in mind and I added the zipper at the neck as an eye-catching detail.



I’ve covered tops but we can’t forget to cover our bottoms, either! We’re featuring Olive on a past favourite style, our Rhythm Gaucho. We decided to bring this style back because they make such a great item for all seasons. Wear them like capris with flats for warmer temperatures, or tall boots  to combat the chill in style! Supplies are currently limited but stay tuned! We’re currently recutting them and they should be available next month.

Last but not least, we’re once again fully stocked with our popular Deck Tights. If you love our soft leggings, check these out! The cuff (with button detail) makes for such chic take on the capri-cut.





You heard it here first. Olive is the new Black!

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