Reigning Purple

It doesn’t matter whether you call it eggplant, plum, violet or raisin, purple has been relishing in a comeback this Fall and Winter 2012.  Deep, jewel-toned purples have been making endless appearances on the runway.  Designers such as Chanel, Prada, Jill Stuart, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent and our very own Diane Kennedy have all been inspired by the color. 

Interestingly, during the Elizabethan era purple was a colour only to be worn by royalty and the elite.  This was because the dye was so extremely expensive and rare.  Thankfully those days have passed and now anyone can feel fabulous in purple.

If you’re looking to stay on trend this season check out Diane’s rich raisin coloured pieces.  Diane’s Espionage Jacket, Reflect Cowl Tunic, Shine Tunic and Spotlight Tunic are just a few of her designs available in this gorgeous purple colour.   

Purple is definitely the reigning colour of the season!    




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