She Wears the Pants

Diane Kennedy pants shapes explainedHave you ever wondered how to tell the difference between all the pants Diane Kennedy offers? Skinny legs, wide legs and everything in between. There’s a pant style for every body type that will allow you to create the silhouette that flatters you the most. Here’s our guide to DK pants…

Diane Kennedy pants shapes explained

Rejuvenate Legging

The softest tights you will ever wear! Pair them up with a tunic and show off your legs. Apple shapes often have great gams, so show them off. These Rejuvenate leggings are great for yoga or layering under a tunic or longer jacket.

Balance Pant

Just one step up from a legging is the Balance pant. If you go one size down, it may be hard to tell the difference from a legging, it’s just more substantial. It has the same fit and waistband as all our pants, except it tapers from the hip on down. At the side hem there’s a pewter tone zipper, so this pant is best if you’re average height 5’4″ – 5’8″ (not as good for some shorter as this pant can’t be shortened)

Flex Pant

Over any other pant we make, the Flex pant is our best selling item for at least 8 years now. It has a straight leg cut perfect for all body types (except someone proportionately heavy in the hips or legs). It also comes in a Petite Length.

Serene Pant

We’ve been making these beauties for over 10 years now and counting! From the widest part of the hip, the Serene pants fall straight down. These are a wider cut at the hem and are easy to spot by the flatlock stitch pattern up the sides of the leg. This is the same stitch used on yoga wear and in fact these pants are reminiscent if a yoga cut. These pants fit everyone but are especially flattering on someone with a pear shape. They are also great if you’re full in the thighs or knees and need the extra room. It also comes in a Petite Length.

Pacific Pant

To add to our wide selection of pant options for different body types, we’ve added a true palazzo pant, called the Pacific Pant. Everything old is new again, you may remember them from the first time around in the 60’s and 70’s. They are definitively back and a beautiful, dressy option to your closet. They have a fullness that proportionately is best for average height or taller. If you’re shorter, we’d suggest the Serene pant is a better option.

We get phone calls on a regular basis asking whether we still make our pants! If you’ve never tried them, you’re in for a treat!….they feel like you’re wearing pyjamas all day (but still look stylin’)

Love Barb