Shooting Diane Kennedy Style

Once and awhile, we like to pull back the fabric of our operation and show off some of the behind the scenes efforts that contribute to our success. We thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about our photography while giving you a sneak peek on what’s in store for us! It’s no secret that Diane Kennedy proudly produces a fashion line that feels as good as it looks on every body. One of the best ways we can demonstrate that fact is with photoshoots aimed at showing off how our style looks on real bodies. It’s the best way of showing off our dedication to the Plus Size movement, after all!

At the beginning of 2016, Diane decided she wanted the freedom and ability to schedule shoots whenever she wished, without having to coordinate with or work around another photographer’s schedule. With efficiency and creativity in mind, Diane made the executive decision to acquire the necessary equipment to build a photography studio in our space. The best part? It could be easily struck up & down, where ever needed! A few weeks later, we hit the ground running and shot/edited our first catalogue shoot using our own equipment entirely. It was such a great experience, we were hooked. It’s such a pleasure to be able to see the raw images on the same day!

Since Diane started her line, she’s enjoyed the luxury of being able to reach out to her social circle to find women to represent her line. Over the course of last year, we made a pointed effort to write more blogs and provide more images that truly illustrates Diane’s passion for well-tailored, comfortable fashion. We wrote blogs and scheduled photoshoots with “civilians” (non-professional models), in an effort to showing our diversity and accessibility.

We want to think outside the box and use models that are “real”; not the fashion industry’s idea of “Plus Size”. Once and awhile, even our hard working designer puts down her fabric samples to don a tunic or two for us!

Enter Shelly; She’s our first photoshoot of the year and a perfect choice. A good friend of Diane’s and a fashionista herself, she is an avid Diane Kennedy aficionado, so we were lucky that she was available at the time. Within days, we had a photoshoot planned and ideas for upcoming style blogs. We had a few sample items that we just got in and we couldn’t wait to shoot with them, so this was the great opportunity to get some shots in the bag before gearing up for our Spring/Summer Catalogue shoot in a few weeks.

The photoshoot was an absolute joy. Shelly is a boisterous soul with a cheerful, kind personality and it’s no wonder she and Diane get along so well.

It was a rare pleasure to see Diane in her “natural habitat”, casually chatting with her girlfriend while she supervised styling and joking around with her in between shots.

Shelly is such a lover of fashion that it was a delight listening to her share her thoughts on body positivity and how Diane Kennedy pieces fit into her life.

We look forward to not only sharing the final photoshoot images, but Shelly’s insights, as well. Stay tuned!