Let’s Talk Armholes…

There’s one part of our bodies that a lot of us dislike…that’s our arms. Upper arms to be specific. Women seem to hate this part of their bodies more than almost any other! Today we want to discuss a rarely talked about garment detail: your armholes. (the horror!) So when you do decide to love your arms enough to bare them, you’ll know what to look for.

Are we being a bit cheeky, yes we are. But plus size armholes can have a notoriously bad fit. The openings are often cut too big and baggy and threaten to expose much more than you bargained for. You shouldn’t be able to see your bra for starters, and it should lie smoothly without gaps or puckers. If the tops you’re buying now have armholes large enough for two arms, then you are experiencing poor fit due to a manufacturer who has put little to no thought into the proper fit of the garment. That’s a red flag Ladies!

Our newest tank top, The Clever Cami has a ‘bust dart’ built into the gathers at the upper front shoulder creating an excellent fit when it’s worn with the front as the front. But, just to give you more options we’ve made it reversible. The front has a scoop neck, the back has a v neck. Admittedly the area around the bust does not fit quite as well when the back is in the front but this makes it incredibly versatile as a layering piece. The Clever Cami also works great as a stand alone top for those brave and confidant women who have embraced their arms. After all our arms embrace those we love the most and that should include ourselves. Give yourself a hug!

Diane Kennedy reversible Clever Cami

I’m 51 and I know my arms aren’t perfect…but I just don’t care….my comfort is important to me, and when I’m hot….I’ve been known to Bare Arms!

The thing is, it’s important to know the difference between something that fits properly and something that just doesn’t quite cut it. You are worthy of this knowledge and it can only lead to you being seen as a snappy dresser that always looks pulled together because, among other things, your clothes fit properly.

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