Meet Scarlett Ballantyne

Working in such a creative industry, The Team at Diane Kennedy have had the chance to work with some incredibly talented and wonderful personalities. Once and awhile, we like to tip our hats to the people who have supported us throughout the years. Our good friend, Scarlett Ballantyne, is one of the first people we thought of. Not only is she one of our faithful customers, she has also contributed a lot to the company in the last six years.

Scarlett Beach

It certainly doesn’t feel like so many years have passed since Scarlett walked through our doors. Having had ample experience modeling as a young adult and again in her 30s, Scarlett was very familiar with camera when we hired her to model for us in 2010.


As a very busy Creative Entrepreneur, Scarlett spends her days managing and providing engaging content for her freelance clients. She also maintains her own blog and is contributing writer for sites like UrbanMoms & StimuliMag. More recently, her passion for writing has lead to publications in Huffington Post and XO Jane. We’re so excited to see where her writing takes her!

Lucky for us that when we had the chance to work with her, we also discovered she is a professional makeup artist. This lead to a few gigs, not in front of the camera, but beautifying behind it. Sometimes she even doubled as both!

Fall 2011 Photoshoot-BTS 014 collage
We love that Scarlett is such a avid DK fan as well; while she was on holiday, we asked her what her favourite items were and she shared this with us:

Once I started wearing the fabrics, I was hooked. My favourite piece is the Tie-Dye Mod Tunic which I have on vacation with me! And I can’t wait to get the new Market Tunic in turquoise and purple. And of course I could always use another jacket, too.

Scarlett CollageScarlett is wearing Recharge Vest (black), Soft Shirt (white) & Serene Pant (black) | Deck Tights (white) & Mod Tunic (Navy Tie-Dye)

It always makes us so happy when we hear wonderful comments like that. Another successful convert! We’re so proud of how driven she is and we look forward to seeing where she goes in the future!

For more information about Scarlett, visit her website,!

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Behind the Scenes: Profile of Logan Rudrum

Logan Rudrum, diane kennedy, behind the scenes
Logan Rudrum

In any design office, there are the people behind the scenes that help to make everything work smoothly. Logan Rudrum has been working for the Diane Kennedy and Cherry Velvet brands since 2013, and many people don’t know that Logan is often the glue that holds things together! He has brought with him both a unique history and a positive vibe to our offices. As we share more Behind the Scenes stories, it is only fitting that we profile Logan!

DK: How did you get started with Diane Kennedy?

 LR: It was April 2013 and I was just finishing off a program at Douglas College. At the time, I was working as a freelance graphic designer and video producer—which was going well— but I always found myself craving a more permanent role where I could invest more time and develop a brand over a longer period. I came across the job posting for Cherry Velvet online and found the idea of working for a fashion brand (something I’d never done before) an interesting opportunity to learn more about a new industry. I applied, and the rest is history.

DK: What is your background and education?

LR: I grew up in a small city called Cranbrook: where the deer roam freely through your backyard, pickup trucks rule the roads and everyone has a great fishing story, including myself. I took an non-traditional route out of high school and spent 5 years pursuing a career in music. I saw some success, played and toured in various groups, recorded a few CDs (remember those things?) and had way too much fun, but I also realized I couldn’t fully support myself music alone (insert slanted face emoticon here).

I decided to make a change and I moved to Vancouver to attend school for my secondary passions in graphic design and video. I attended a film program in Langara College, took a selection of design courses at Emily Carr University, completed a certificate in Web Design and Development through Capilano University, and, most recently, finished a music program at Douglas College. During/in between my studies, I spent time working with NOOD Furniture and Design, design studio, Artdreams Creative, and various freelance clients, providing graphic design and photo/video production services. I refer to this period of my life as the years of little sleep. I think I’m still catching up *laughs*.

 DK: Tell us what a typical day working at the DK office looks like?

LR: Like every great day, it always begins with a strong cup of coffee. From that point on it really depends on what’s scheduled for the week and what particular projects are going on. There are “normal” office days where we’ll attend to the emails and social media, respond to any inquires or comments, edit photos, prepare ads for magazines and tradeshows, update the online store, book models and venues for future photo/video shoots, things along those lines. But there are other days, when we have a photo or video shoot, for example, when we’re travelling or on location for most the day. Our shoots generally run from 4-6 hours in length, so by the time we get back to the office, it’s the end of the day.

Logan behind the video camera for a Diane Kennedy shoot @ Caufield Park, West Vancouver
Logan behind the video camera for a Diane Kennedy shoot @ Caufield Park, West Vancouver

DK: You are the lone guy working for a women’s fashion brand! How do you feel about that?

LR:  Totally outnumbered! Kidding! It’s an interesting position to be in for sure. When I initially started working for Diane Kennedy I never anticipated that I would contributing to a discussion about what fabrics to pick for the upcoming season, but I really enjoy getting to experience the different aspects of the business. I sometimes wish we made a line of men’s tops because the bamboo fabric is so soft and comfortable. Perhaps I’ll bug our director, Diane, about that one again…

Shooting at Dr. Sun Yat Sen park in Vancouver BC with model Chrissy Noir
Shooting at Dr. Sun Yat Sen park in Vancouver BC with model Chrissy Noir


DK: What’s your life motto?

LR: It could ALWAYS be worse!

DKLogan_Spartan2What types of things do you do in your spare time?

 LR: I’ve become a big nature/outdoors person and I try to spend most of my free time hiking, swimming, biking, doing something active. I started competing in obstacle course races (like the Praetorian Race and Spartan Race) about a year ago and can officially say that I’m addicted. Outside of that stuff, I also play guitar and sing in a Vancouver band called World Roar.


DK: Share some insight – what new and exciting things can we expect from Diane Kennedy this Fall?

LR: We’re looking at doing more videos and lifestyle shoots for Diane Kennedy over the next few months. Our fall line will feature many new items that will be perfect for the temperate days and crisp nights ahead.  We have also just moved our head office to a new location which is a large, wonderful space that features a full showroom for scheduled shopping visits and our very own photo studio. We’re organizing a Grand Opening party later this fall with swinging music, delicious h’orderves and bubbly stuff in fancy glasses.

So lots of big things are planned this for year. We’re all pretty excited to show you the new styles we have in store for Fall ’15!

Thanks for sharing Logan, I can’t express how much I appreciate your many and varied talents!

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