Diane’s Pick of the Fall Fluevogs

Diane Kennedy and FluevogsFor any of you that follow my posts, you know that I’m a Fluevog freak! What’s a Fluevog you ask? It’s an amazing brand of shoes that have been designed in Vancouver for over 40 years pretty much just down the street from us. I really do love their shoes.

My first encounter with Fluevogs was waaaay back in the eighties when John Fluevog was a partner with Peter Fox. I would dearly LOVE to find that original pair of shoes. I’m almost sure they’re somewhere in my basement. If I could find them I would still be able to wear them today as they were a sleek black and grey Mary Jane with a buckle and a beautifully shaped heel. They had a real leather sole, something hard to find these days.

Other than beautiful, original designs, the main reason I love Fluevogs so much is they are made from real leather, not the shaved thin and pressed on type that more and more brands are resorting to these days. They last and last in design as well as wear. Even when they are so well loved they need repair, it’s totally worth it!

Here are a few of my favourites to share with you that also happen to go exceptionally well with my fall collection. Plus these are all part of my personal collection. (or will be soon!)


My newest purchase and favourite!

Fluevog Gladstone


Oh, the colour and what a beautiful print!

Fluevog Investigators


These may look high, but the platform in front balances it out. I love these with wider leg pants and funky styles like the Smarty Pants


If you have “highland” calves like I do, this could be the pair of boots you’ve been waiting for!

Fluevog Compass Boots


Such a pretty little shoe, perfect for peaking out from under your Flex pants

Fluevog Felicity


Everyone needs a little sparkle! These will soon be punctuating my Rejuvenate leggings!

Fluevog Donita


I love Mr. Fluevog’s fashion philosophy. While of course, he pays attention to his customers needs, he fearlessly designs whatever he wants which has spawned some amazing creativity and iconic style. Here’s me in another favourite pair, the Exenes with Serene Pants and a Vision Tunic!

Diane Kennedy Vision Tunic and Black/Steel with Fluevog Exenes

Love Diane

Reversible Form and Function


We can dream about clothing that’s so practical that it serves more than one function.  Think about that for a moment.  Is it bad that the first thing that comes to mind for me is being able to reverse my top if I spill something on it? Or maybe I left the house feeling one way and and later my mood has changed. I might like my outfit to reflect that.

Perfect For Travel

How perfect for a weekend away that you can get more looks out of fewer things! Having reversible clothing is the best way we know to double your outfit potential while travelling. We must also mention here that these pieces are wonderfully soft and comfortable allowing you to travel in true comfort.

The Reversible Cowl, Pant and Vest are three core pieces that can be worn separately or together:


1. Our Classic Cowl tunic, re-imagined in this soft and fabulous Canadian-made fabric we call Blur. This style is fully reversible with one side being black with light grey striations and the other side being mid heather grey. Yoga-style “flatlock” stitching makes this possible (it’s a style of stitching that looks virtually the same on both sides)  Full length sleeves and a comfy-cowl neckline make this DK piece one of our most versatile must-haves.

Reversible Form and Function; from 3 core Diane Kennedy pieces

2.  Our Reversible Vest  features unique seaming details including an angled princess seam, a back yoke and center back seam provide a perfect fit. Smooth yoga pant-style “Flatlock” stitching throughout.

Reversible Form and Function; from 3 core Diane Kennedy pieces

3. Our Reversible Pant is a slim pant similar to a legging, as it has a narrow fit. Smooth yoga pant-style “Flatlock” stitching throughout.

Versatility is really the key word here. Being able to wear one piece of clothing two different ways not only gives you more bang for the buck, it also allows you to easily change your look. Plus they’re all on sale, 25% off right now here

For your ever changing moods.


Love Barb

Mode and Distinction – Johanne Cadieux

While I’ve never met her in person, I’ve spoken with Johanne Cadieux from Mode & Distinction on the phone many times over the years. There is something very different and wonderful about her. She has the most lovely French accent but there is more to it than that. She has that unmistakable warmth to her voice that instantly puts a person at ease and you can’t help feeling a sense of comfort when you speak with her. After hanging up the phone I would always find myself smiling. Johanne has been my customer of Diane Kennedy clothing since 2010.

So, what’s the story of Johanne Cadeaux?

Johanne owns a beautiful store in the Hull area of Gatineau, Quebec called Mode & Distinction Plus.  It’s just across the river from Ottawa and indeed many of her customers come from there.  Johanne caters to the plus size shopper although she is not a plus size woman. This is something I find very intriguing. It turns out there’s a very sweet reason why Johanne decided to open a shop for larger women. Many years ago, Johanne lost her sister Diane in a tragic car accident. Diane was, in Johannes words, “a beautiful, confident plus size woman.” The spirit of her sister inspires and guides Johannes decisions still. She considers her a business partner.

Joanne and her sister of Mode & Disctinction
Joanne Cadieux: proprietress of Mode & Distinction and her sister Diane

Johanne finds beauty in women of all sizes. She makes it her goal to create a welcoming environment. How does she deal with women making negative comments about themselves?

“It’s at that moment, says Joanne, “that my training in psychology helps me. Women feel included. I help them to show off with a modern contemporary style and they end up being beautiful.”

Mode & Distinction

We think the women in Gatineau are so lucky to have Johanne, her team and their lovely store to shop in. We also feel very lucky to be part of that. To be on the receiving end of Johannes wonderful energy is a gift.

Thank-you Johanne for being such an awesome customer all these years!

Love Diane


Tummy Loving Tunics

Tummy Loving TunicsDo you love your tummy?

Chances are you have mixed feelings about this particular body part. A lot of people carry their weight in the tummy area, that’s just a fact. And while we aren’t going to tell you to break out the crop top and show the world how much you love your belly, we do have some great pieces that will make you look amazing and feel confident that your tummy isn’t the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror. Bring on the Tunic!

Tummy Loving Tunics The Zip Tunic, The Vision Tunic and the Strength Tunic

What makes a tunic so special?

Our tunics are designed to accentuate the curves you love and skim and flow over your tummy area. Viscose from Bamboo fabric is unbelievably soft. It has a silky, smooth feel and luxurious drape that glides over your body. An extra bit of “swing” is factored into the stomach area to create an easy flowing silhouette and added comfort. This additional care is taken in the design of all our tops, not just tunics but jackets and vests, too. And yes, they are all designed to be layered and work together.

Tummy Loving Tunics The Recharge Vest

Invest in a Vest?

Our Recharge Vest is a perfect example of a well thought out design that makes layering so easy. This vest pairs perfectly with tunic and tops of all sleeve lengths. A one button design and a box pleat in the back make for an easy fit and a flattering drape in the midsection. Why not try a vest? It adds so much interest and fun weather worn over a tunic, a tee shirt, or a blouse.

Love It All!

We want to be able to love all of our body parts, even the ones that we are taught to hate. This is one of the steps to living a proud, confident, self-loving life. When we wear clothing that fits just right, accentuate the areas we choose and flatter the areas that challenge us it becomes just a little easier to see the whole picture and be our best selves.

Be kind to yourself!

Love Barb

She Wears the Pants

Diane Kennedy pants shapes explainedHave you ever wondered how to tell the difference between all the pants Diane Kennedy offers? Skinny legs, wide legs and everything in between. There’s a pant style for every body type that will allow you to create the silhouette that flatters you the most. Here’s our guide to DK pants…

Diane Kennedy pants shapes explained

Rejuvenate Legging

The softest tights you will ever wear! Pair them up with a tunic and show off your legs. Apple shapes often have great gams, so show them off. These Rejuvenate leggings are great for yoga or layering under a tunic or longer jacket.

Balance Pant

Just one step up from a legging is the Balance pant. If you go one size down, it may be hard to tell the difference from a legging, it’s just more substantial. It has the same fit and waistband as all our pants, except it tapers from the hip on down. At the side hem there’s a pewter tone zipper, so this pant is best if you’re average height 5’4″ – 5’8″ (not as good for some shorter as this pant can’t be shortened)

Flex Pant

Over any other pant we make, the Flex pant is our best selling item for at least 8 years now. It has a straight leg cut perfect for all body types (except someone proportionately heavy in the hips or legs). It also comes in a Petite Length.

Serene Pant

We’ve been making these beauties for over 10 years now and counting! From the widest part of the hip, the Serene pants fall straight down. These are a wider cut at the hem and are easy to spot by the flatlock stitch pattern up the sides of the leg. This is the same stitch used on yoga wear and in fact these pants are reminiscent if a yoga cut. These pants fit everyone but are especially flattering on someone with a pear shape. They are also great if you’re full in the thighs or knees and need the extra room. It also comes in a Petite Length.

Pacific Pant

To add to our wide selection of pant options for different body types, we’ve added a true palazzo pant, called the Pacific Pant. Everything old is new again, you may remember them from the first time around in the 60’s and 70’s. They are definitively back and a beautiful, dressy option to your closet. They have a fullness that proportionately is best for average height or taller. If you’re shorter, we’d suggest the Serene pant is a better option.

We get phone calls on a regular basis asking whether we still make our pants! If you’ve never tried them, you’re in for a treat!….they feel like you’re wearing pyjamas all day (but still look stylin’)

Love Barb