How to care for your bamboo garments

If there’s one thing that Diane Kennedy customers love about our garments, it’s how effortless they are! Effortless to wear and care for, that is! Our signature bamboo fabrics are not only incredibly soft and comfortable, they are also just as easy breezy to maintain.

Washing / Drying

We recommend machine washing our bamboo garments in cold water using a mild eco-friendly soap. After washing, we suggest laying flat or hanging to dry. It’s ok to put them in the dryer for a few minutes to get some of the moisture out, but please be sure to hang them up right away afterwards.  Our bamboo fabric can hold quite a bit of moisture due to its unique cellular properties. It’s ok to hang tops and ‘shorter items’, but longer items like pants might need to be laid flat to dry to ensure no stretching occurs. For longer tunics and bottoms, draping over a rack best preserves the shape of our garments.

Should you find Diane Kennedy bamboo item accidentally finds its way into the dryer, it most likely will not shrink! But if you ever notice a change in the shape of a garment, our fabric responds very well to “wet blocking” –
Just go ahead and rewash it, then lay it flat, stretching it into its original shape and allow to let dry completely. This will allow the piece to “reset” to its intended shape.

Packing for Travel

You may already know that our garments travel exceptionally well. Our pieces fold so nicely & efficiently that it makes packing very easy; whether you’re getting ready to take Diane Kennedy on a trip, or just switching over your closet’s seasons. To minimize wrinkles, lay your garment flat, folding in the sleeves and hem (vertically, from top to bottom) into a rectangle, then simply roll up your garments starting from the neck.  When you get to your destination, shake them out and hang them up,  no ironing needed! Any wrinkles will fall out shortly.

A New Bamboo fabric to try

You’ll definitely want to make room in your closet for a bamboo fabric, just new this spring.  This 55% organic cotton & 45% bamboo blend has an incredibly lightweight, relaxed feel that’ll keep you cool & comfortable when the temperature’s rising. It has a subtle slub texture similar to natural silk. It’s super easy care,  just treat it like our regular bamboo fabric.

For Spring 2017, we are introducing it in 3 lovely shades:

Care for these bamboo tunics is super easy, machine wash and hang to dry!

Left to Right: Erin wears Inquisitive Tunic in Beryl, Shelly wears Experiment Tunic in Slate, Kaleigh wears Experiment Tunic in Flint


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