Dressing for Menopause

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Menopause experiences are different among individual women. While some women have no or few menopausal symptoms others have many moderate or severe symptoms. Although this is an important life change, the symptoms such as weight-gain, hot flashes and night sweats can be uncomfortable and hard to manage.

I have written about the many merits of bamboo fabric previously – it really is nature’s fabric that helps you to regulate your body temperature. Bamboo fabrics are now being used to make bedsheets (which are heavenly), bedding and pillows because of their heat-wicking properties. Many women experience ‘hot-flashes’ during menopause – when you experience a quick feeling of heat and sometimes sweating. Staying cool is one of the best remedies. Wearing light layers, loose-fitting tunics and pants with natural fibers can help you cope with your body changes during these difficult moments.

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Induced menopause can happen when the amount of hormones released in a woman’s body has decreased. This may be caused by surgery or chemotherapy/radiation and therefore menopausal symptoms can occur rapidly and be more severe. Our Bamboo-knit tunics and bottoms are so comfortable that they can almost feel like pyjamas, which are ideal items to wear when you are feeling symptoms like excessive sweating. Life doesn’t always allow us to walk around in our PJ’s, but feeling comfortable and stylish is something that we all deserve, especially when you are going through hormonal changes. A perfect casual outfit for convalescing is the Travel Tunic paired with the Rejeuvenate Leggings. If you need to be more dressed up for a dinner out or special occasion, the Clipper Tunic and the Serene Pants are stylish and comfortable but still with the delightful cool bamboo fabric!

dressing for Menopause, bamboo fabric, diane kennedy, fashion over 50

The other things that any professional will recommend to help you cope with symptoms are daily exercise, drinking plenty of water, and practicing deep breathing or meditation. Our Serene Pants and Rejuvenate Leggings were designed and named, with comfort dressing in mind. Our Fall 2015 pieces will soon be arriving in our retail stores and our online shop, with many new styles that will incorporate lifestyle dressing.

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