Diane’s Pick of the Fall Fluevogs

Diane Kennedy and FluevogsFor any of you that follow my posts, you know that I’m a Fluevog freak! What’s a Fluevog you ask? It’s an amazing brand of shoes that have been designed in Vancouver for over 40 years pretty much just down the street from us. I really do love their shoes.

My first encounter with Fluevogs was waaaay back in the eighties when John Fluevog was a partner with Peter Fox. I would dearly LOVE to find that original pair of shoes. I’m almost sure they’re somewhere in my basement. If I could find them I would still be able to wear them today as they were a sleek black and grey Mary Jane with a buckle and a beautifully shaped heel. They had a real leather sole, something hard to find these days.

Other than beautiful, original designs, the main reason I love Fluevogs so much is they are made from real leather, not the shaved thin and pressed on type that more and more brands are resorting to these days. They last and last in design as well as wear. Even when they are so well loved they need repair, it’s totally worth it!

Here are a few of my favourites to share with you that also happen to go exceptionally well with my fall collection. Plus these are all part of my personal collection. (or will be soon!)


My newest purchase and favourite!

Fluevog Gladstone


Oh, the colour and what a beautiful print!

Fluevog Investigators


These may look high, but the platform in front balances it out. I love these with wider leg pants and funky styles like the Smarty Pants


If you have “highland” calves like I do, this could be the pair of boots you’ve been waiting for!

Fluevog Compass Boots


Such a pretty little shoe, perfect for peaking out from under your Flex pants

Fluevog Felicity


Everyone needs a little sparkle! These will soon be punctuating my Rejuvenate leggings!

Fluevog Donita


I love Mr. Fluevog’s fashion philosophy. While of course, he pays attention to his customers needs, he fearlessly designs whatever he wants which has spawned some amazing creativity and iconic style. Here’s me in another favourite pair, the Exenes with Serene Pants and a Vision Tunic!

Diane Kennedy Vision Tunic and Black/Steel with Fluevog Exenes

Love Diane