New Diane Kennedy Fall Preview

It’s that time of year when the weather is perfect and warm and you just want to wear as little as possible, right? Well, guess what? It’s already time to show you what’s coming for Fall 2017. That’s just how fashion works! Funnily enough, I’m already working on next Spring and have been looking at Fall and the new colours for 6 months already. But I still can’t wait to start wearing them!

You won’t be surprised there’s a lot of bamboo this season, haha. We do have some beautiful new colours and patterns to share with you. Two main colour stories for Fall are called Heather Lake; a slatey dark blue with a buff heather knit right into it. The other is a gorgeous mossy green heathered with black we’re calling Heather Forest. There are coordinating stripes and a new herringbone pattern (in three shades), too. We have a new Mixed Media Tunic in these gorgeous shades and patterns make such an eye-catching silhouette and the colours, so earthy and natural. There won’t be ANY black this season…..JUST KIDDING!! We’ve expanded our Black and Steel group to include a dark smokey Herringbone, a classic Houndstooth, and all manners of dark stripes from micro to macro.

New colours for Fall 2017

Back for an encore is the super cool Smarty Pant in new stripes and, of course, we’ve got some pretty new tunics and tops to coordinate. My favourite new look is a mock ‘wrap and tie’ tunic we’re calling Renew Wrap.  It’s pictured here in Heather Forest, an amazing shade of green that also happens to be the colour of the year. This one is darker and moodier with the black threads knitted right into the green. We’ve got a gorgeous herringbone jacket (saving that one for a bit later in the Fall) and a coordinating cowl top that’s perfect with the fuller pant silhouette you’ve been seeing. The ‘Confident Cowl’ in the photo below comes as shown in classic houndstooth with black accents.

New Diane Kennedy tunics for Fall 2017

Of course, this is all just a tease….can’t wait to show you the whole collection!

Coming in August and September…

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Fresh Fall Neutrals

Black: basic, classic, always in style. Black is clearly the most popular colour for my designs. It out sells every other colour 5 to 1. Black is slimming, non memorable, and neutral… meaning we can wear it over and over without people remembering what we wore. But, there’s more to life than just black right?

New for fall is a line-up of neutrals & textures that are anything but boring. These are urban, sophisticated notes that can integrate into your closet with ease. Though we don’t want summer to end, part of us is looking forward to those little things that come with fall: the crispness in the air, wearing leather boots again, and switching to a moodier, more sophisticated palette.


Navy: classy and cultured; a perfect seasonless choice

Siena: an exotic brown that evokes a sense of adventure and faraway destinations

Chevy: an elegant herringbone twist of Siena and Black

Black Rose: texture, softness, and an organic pattern combine in a must have take on ordinary black

Zinc: a futuristic metal shade that serves as a complex neutral and foil to all other colors


Inspire Jacket in Siena

 Of course we have many other luscious colours to choose from this season, moss green, raisin, plum, steel and indigo….so hopefully I’ve got you thinking beyond basic black…



It’s Fall: Time to Go Shopping!


It’s Autumn, the season when many people find themselves most energized. Students are back in school, summer vacations are fond memories, and there’s a quickening in the air. It’s also the time when we start thinking about the next round of holidays, and what we need, or want, to accomplish over the next several months.

But, as busy as we all are, we should be able to do everything in style and comfort. And, this fall, ‘Comfort’ is definitely the key word—for everyone, I think. Women are no longer interested in wearing clothes that bind, scratch or pinch. What’s the point of being uncomfortable? There isn’t one. That’s why I design stylish, practical clothing in the casual elegance of Modal, and soft, silky bamboo.


Our new arrivals are here and we’re so thrilled with everything. We have three new patterns: Black Bengal, the black and white Static Print, and lush green Crocodile. Then there are our classic silky-smooth bamboo items in plum, moss and, of course, rich black. And we’ve re-stocked your favourites, including the Serene Pant, the Flex Pant and our perennial favourite, the Rejuvenate Legging.

So, ladies, here’s to a great Autumn.

Now go shopping!