Tummy Loving Tunics

Tummy Loving TunicsDo you love your tummy?

Chances are you have mixed feelings about this particular body part. A lot of people carry their weight in the tummy area, that’s just a fact. And while we aren’t going to tell you to break out the crop top and show the world how much you love your belly, we do have some great pieces that will make you look amazing and feel confident that your tummy isn’t the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror. Bring on the Tunic!

Tummy Loving Tunics The Zip Tunic, The Vision Tunic and the Strength Tunic

What makes a tunic so special?

Our tunics are designed to accentuate the curves you love and skim and flow over your tummy area. Viscose from Bamboo fabric is unbelievably soft. It has a silky, smooth feel and luxurious drape that glides over your body. An extra bit of “swing” is factored into the stomach area to create an easy flowing silhouette and added comfort. This additional care is taken in the design of all our tops, not just tunics but jackets and vests, too. And yes, they are all designed to be layered and work together.

Tummy Loving Tunics The Recharge Vest

Invest in a Vest?

Our Recharge Vest is a perfect example of a well thought out design that makes layering so easy. This vest pairs perfectly with tunic and tops of all sleeve lengths. A one button design and a box pleat in the back make for an easy fit and a flattering drape in the midsection. Why not try a vest? It adds so much interest and fun weather worn over a tunic, a tee shirt, or a blouse.

Love It All!

We want to be able to love all of our body parts, even the ones that we are taught to hate. This is one of the steps to living a proud, confident, self-loving life. When we wear clothing that fits just right, accentuate the areas we choose and flatter the areas that challenge us it becomes just a little easier to see the whole picture and be our best selves.

Be kind to yourself!

Love Barb

She Wears the Pants

Diane Kennedy pants shapes explainedHave you ever wondered how to tell the difference between all the pants Diane Kennedy offers? Skinny legs, wide legs and everything in between. There’s a pant style for every body type that will allow you to create the silhouette that flatters you the most. Here’s our guide to DK pants…

Diane Kennedy pants shapes explained

Rejuvenate Legging

The softest tights you will ever wear! Pair them up with a tunic and show off your legs. Apple shapes often have great gams, so show them off. These Rejuvenate leggings are great for yoga or layering under a tunic or longer jacket.

Balance Pant

Just one step up from a legging is the Balance pant. If you go one size down, it may be hard to tell the difference from a legging, it’s just more substantial. It has the same fit and waistband as all our pants, except it tapers from the hip on down. At the side hem there’s a pewter tone zipper, so this pant is best if you’re average height 5’4″ – 5’8″ (not as good for some shorter as this pant can’t be shortened)

Flex Pant

Over any other pant we make, the Flex pant is our best selling item for at least 8 years now. It has a straight leg cut perfect for all body types (except someone proportionately heavy in the hips or legs). It also comes in a Petite Length.

Serene Pant

We’ve been making these beauties for over 10 years now and counting! From the widest part of the hip, the Serene pants fall straight down. These are a wider cut at the hem and are easy to spot by the flatlock stitch pattern up the sides of the leg. This is the same stitch used on yoga wear and in fact these pants are reminiscent if a yoga cut. These pants fit everyone but are especially flattering on someone with a pear shape. They are also great if you’re full in the thighs or knees and need the extra room. It also comes in a Petite Length.

Pacific Pant

To add to our wide selection of pant options for different body types, we’ve added a true palazzo pant, called the Pacific Pant. Everything old is new again, you may remember them from the first time around in the 60’s and 70’s. They are definitively back and a beautiful, dressy option to your closet. They have a fullness that proportionately is best for average height or taller. If you’re shorter, we’d suggest the Serene pant is a better option.

We get phone calls on a regular basis asking whether we still make our pants! If you’ve never tried them, you’re in for a treat!….they feel like you’re wearing pyjamas all day (but still look stylin’)

Love Barb

Jacket: Fit, Comfort & Style

The Jacket Comfort and StyleFit and Style Without Sacrificing Comfort

You slip into a beautifully tailored jacket and standing in front of a mirror you admire how lovely the garment fits only to realize that you can’t move your arms. Your arms feel strangled and restricted and you can’t raise them past your shoulders if your life depended on it. Or reach forward for that matter. Why does this happen?

Technically speaking, jacket sleeves are built differently for each different style of garment. A tailored sleeve has a very high cap compared to the width of the bicep. An athletic jacket sleeve will usually have a low cap and a wider bicep for the purpose of greater arm movement. A ‘suit style’ jacket built in an optimal fashion will have a combination of a moderately high cap and a moderately wide bicep to give you the best of both worlds. Comfort and style for the win!

Our Jackets fit great in other ways, too. We build darts and shaping right into our unique seam lines. We add swing for more room across your tummy and seat so nothing is tight or unflattering. Many of our jackets offer pockets that are designed to give a smooth look.

Jacket fit and design details

Construction is only part of the jacket equation. We also use premium fabrics that contain a generous amount of stretch. Along with a great cut, you also have the added factor of give in the fabric with allows for free movement and optimal comfort.

Ultimately, you get a professional look without sacrificing comfort. Here’s a little preview of jackets styles to come this fall:

The Justify Jacket will come in 3 colours later in the season: Solid Black, Black/Steel Herringbone and Heather Lake Herringbone (pictured here)

New Justify Jacket coming later this fall

The versatile Verve Zip is back in Black (only) It can be worn for multiple occasions from casual to work, but also its great alone as a tunic, too.

Diane Kennedy Verve Zip Jacket


Keep an eye out for new Fall arrivals here

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9 Style Tips for Over 40

Plus Size Style Tips For Over 40'sThere a lot of style tips for plus size women out there often written by and for young women. They encourage pushing limits with things like crop tops, tight across the tummy dresses and very short skirts. We believe that young women need to be encouraged and supported around body image and self-love. But… some of us are a little older now and maybe not so comfortable showing our belly off! Here are some style tips for all you babes over 40 (give or take). Not a crop top in the bunch!

  1. Get a Proper Bra fitting done: Ill-fitting undergarments can make even the best designs fall flat. If your weight tends to fluctuate, your bra size will as well. So, take note and make sure that you have been fitted properly. Bumps and lumps sticking out in the wrong places can make even the cutest clothes unflattering.
  1. Bigger accessories! A large chunky necklace or stunning arm cuff can really work on curvy girls. This is where bigger looks better on most curvy women; the key here is proportion. If you are larger, dainty accessories may look out of place. Just be sure to balance it out. Wear a large necklace and then smaller earrings. If you choose a large statement earring, balance it with a cuff, but no necklace.
  1. Make sure it FITS: Some curvy women have a tendency to buy clothes too large, or sometimes too small. If it is too big, it can make you look like you are hiding something and too clingy doesn’t work either. Make sure you have the right fit. There is nothing wrong with getting a little tailoring done to your garments so they fit just right.
  1. If you are unsure about something, go for simple. If it feels like a garment has too many frills or buttons, then it probably does (for you). Maybe it suits another woman just fine but doesn’t work for your body. When it doubt, simpler is better.
  1. You CAN wear Colour! Even though Black is universally flattering, you don’t have to limit your wardrobe to black or other “slimming” shades. A deep red tunic or turquoise skirt can look fashionable and stunning on your curvy body. Just make sure it fits properly and then choose your favourites.
  1. Show a little skin! A beautiful V-neck, baring your shoulders or even showing your arms is not only flattering but is often the most suitable for night-time dressing. Designers that are cutting clothes for curvy girls often address this with flattering cut-outs, like our Observe Tunic or our Experiment Tee
  1. The Fitted Jacket! A jacket or vest that nips in at the waist and buttons comfortably is an invaluable addition to any outfit. It creates a nice shape while still allowing layering. It’s also a great way to take short sleeved or sleeveless pieces into the next season.
  1. Pant leg widths! You may want to experiment with this one. This is all about the silhouette and your own body type. For some women, a legging or a skinny leg works wonders with a tunic top. If you’re bigger in the hips or have heavy legs, a wide leg pant may create the most flattering look for you.
  1. Choose the right fabric! Natural-sourced fabrics in knits are a great idea for a couple of reasons. For one, they just feel better on your skin and offer more breathability and comfort in general. Knits with a nice weight will tend to flow over curves instead of bunching and binding. This creates better lines in your clothing.

Let’s face it, you know yourself better than anyone. My biggest tip would be to wear what makes you feel good and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of what you already know.

Love Barb XO

Big Changes in Retail Shopping

Big changes are happening in retail fashion right nowRetail is changing. In fact according to Trends Magazine, North America has seen over 8,600 retail store closures this year alone. That’s 35% more than the worst year recorded. This means that businesses need to learn to adapt or they may fail. What does this mean for you, the consumer?

Many people still want a physical retail experience when they shop, especially for clothing. They want personal attention with great customer service. They want the option to able to touch the fabrics and see the colours in real life and get help finding the right size and fit. But those retailers need your support. If you have one of our retailers near by, then you’re all set. 

Enjoy a retail shopping experience at the Diane Kennedy Studio by appointment

If you’re not near a retailer, perhaps you’re one of the many people who has discovered the joys of online shopping? Being able to shop from the comfort of your own home from your computer, laptop or even your phone appeals to many in our busy fast paced world.

The Showroom experience is another very personalized and luxurious way to shop.  This is one of the best ways to truly discover a clothing line. This method of shopping creates a true experience for the consumer to get up close and personal for the sales associate and the customer. It offers the designer a chance to give a top notch customer service experience and really show off what they have to offer. For the customer this is an opportunity to see where their clothes come from and be spoiled a bit by the extra attention. A win, win situation.

We have found that a combination of all of these factors is a must. Diane Kennedy wholesales our clothing to retailers. We have a vibrant online store and many times that means helping customers through emails and phone calls to make the right choice before they buy online. If you have any questions or need assistance we are always happy to help. Sign up for our newsletter to find out about shopping events local to Vancouver B.C.  here. To make a personal shopping appointment at our Vancouver Showroom please find more information here.

Enjoy a retail shopping experience at the Diane Kennedy Studio by appointment

Ultimately, with the way technology is moving there will be more and more ways for consumers to find the experience that works best for them and it’s up to us to make it work for you. These changes are already happening , the future is now! How will you be shopping?

Warm Regards,