Beat the Heat! New Lightweight Tunics

Summer is here and the temperature is rising. It’s hard enough for anyone to keep cool and comfortable, especially women of a certain *ahem* age… Let’s talk about the dreaded HOT FLASH. You may just be sporting an extra layer of you (more to love) and that can make you hot, too. This is the one part of mid life that women struggle with all the time. Diane Kennedy has designed some perfect pieces to help with these very issues. Bamboo is one of Nature’s wonders. You may already know that it’s lightweight, breathes beautifully and has wicking qualities to help keep you dry, and it’s as soft as butter. Could it get any cooler? It can!

Lightweight Bamboo fabric is great for keeping you cool even during a hot flash

We’re talking about a lightweight fabric that we’ve added to our lineup. The combination of Organic cotton and bamboo has created the softest, airiest and lightest fabric ever! We have some key pieces that we thought you needed to know about. We want to help keep you cool and look amazing doing it.

The number one tip repeated over and over is to wear layers and make sure the last layer looks good enough to keep you feeling comfortable but also looking great.  We can’t say enough about the bamboo Clever Cami as a starting point. This cami works so well as a first layer with the perfect combination of fit and flow and isn’t the least bit see through, even in white.

Bamboo fabric is great for keeping you cool even during a hot flash

It’s a Shirt! It’s a Jacket! It’s actually both! The Incline Shacket is the real key to staying cool this summer. This most versatile piece does double duty. Layer it over our Clever Cami, it looks amazing unbuttoned and layered over or buttoned up as a shirt on its own.  It’s feather light and great for protecting you from the sun at the beach or keeping you cool at the office.

Lightweight Bamboo fabric is great for keeping you cool even during a hot flash

The Tilt Tunic is another DK take on a simple t-shirt. This asymmetrical tunic is just the thing to help you keep your cool. It has a slimming V neckline, short sleeves, and a pocket for your phone. A little bit of swing built into the front seam line gives extra room across the stomach while a steep slant in the hem line adds that edgy, urban touch. It pairs perfectly with the Incline Shacket, too.

Lightweight Bamboo fabric is great for keeping you cool even during a hot flash

We know you know a thing or two about keeping yourself comfortable. After all, you’re a grown woman. We just want to help you look great no matter what your temperature is. Check out our cool new arrivals here

XOX Barb


Best Kept Secret: Personal Shopping

We have a little secret!

Did you know you can shop (by appointment) in our showroom which has the best selection of Diane Kennedy, soft bamboo, and natural fiber clothes, anywhere? Our items come in regular sizes and plus sizes from small to 3X (with the best selection of sizes from size L up to 3X).

While shopping at our showroom is informal, we differ from regular stores by providing you with a completely private and personalized shopping experience. With our showroom all to yourself, you’re welcome to try on as many items as you like with assistance from our experienced staff and/or our designer, Diane. There’s absolutely no obligation to make a purchase…we want you to feel completely comfortable! Feel free to bring along any family or friends who might also be interested in what our customers describe as “the comfiest clothing in the city”.

Want to know another secret? We also have all your dress needs covered with our other brand, Cherry Velvet: Gorgeous cotton dresses also available in regular and plus sizes. If you like to wear dresses, or maybe you have a special occasion coming up, we have an amazing assortment to try on here in our showroom. It’s completely up to you which brand(s) you’d like to shop! Most of us need a dress once in a while though, right? We’ve got you covered!

To set up an appointment, call: 604-683-9279 (local to Vancouver) toll-free 1-877-994-9977

Location: 1635 Powell Street, Vancouver BC Canada (fully wheelchair accessible)

Availability: Monday to Friday 10-4 (for an appointment)

Parking: Turn North onto Woodland Drive into the parking lot right beside the Flag Shop. Street parking is also available. (please check the signs as street parking is not available during rush hour)

Letting you in on our little secret: you can shop by appointment in our studio with our Designer Diane

Shopping Weekends!

If you just can’t make it for a weekday appointment, we regularly open once a month on a Friday night until 7pm or a Saturday from 11am-5pm. To find out about when we’re open, please join our mailing list here.

We just happen to be having one this weekend in conjunction with our warehouse sale:

Friday July 14, 2017 from 2-7

Saturday July 15, 2017 from 11-5

Hope to see you soon!
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New Diane Kennedy Fall Preview

It’s that time of year when the weather is perfect and warm and you just want to wear as little as possible, right? Well, guess what? It’s already time to show you what’s coming for Fall 2017. That’s just how fashion works! Funnily enough, I’m already working on next Spring and have been looking at Fall and the new colours for 6 months already. But I still can’t wait to start wearing them!

You won’t be surprised there’s a lot of bamboo this season, haha. We do have some beautiful new colours and patterns to share with you. Two main colour stories for Fall are called Heather Lake; a slatey dark blue with a buff heather knit right into it. The other is a gorgeous mossy green heathered with black we’re calling Heather Forest. There are coordinating stripes and a new herringbone pattern (in three shades), too. We have a new Mixed Media Tunic in these gorgeous shades and patterns make such an eye-catching silhouette and the colours, so earthy and natural. There won’t be ANY black this season…..JUST KIDDING!! We’ve expanded our Black and Steel group to include a dark smokey Herringbone, a classic Houndstooth, and all manners of dark stripes from micro to macro.

New colours for Fall 2017

Back for an encore is the super cool Smarty Pant in new stripes and, of course, we’ve got some pretty new tunics and tops to coordinate. My favourite new look is a mock ‘wrap and tie’ tunic we’re calling Renew Wrap.  It’s pictured here in Heather Forest, an amazing shade of green that also happens to be the colour of the year. This one is darker and moodier with the black threads knitted right into the green. We’ve got a gorgeous herringbone jacket (saving that one for a bit later in the Fall) and a coordinating cowl top that’s perfect with the fuller pant silhouette you’ve been seeing. The ‘Confident Cowl’ in the photo below comes as shown in classic houndstooth with black accents.

New Diane Kennedy tunics for Fall 2017

Of course, this is all just a tease….can’t wait to show you the whole collection!

Coming in August and September…

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Size Means Nothing, Fit Means Everything

Let’s talk about the difference between size and fit

It’s time to realize that women, all of us, come in unique shapes and fit different sizes. We are all different and that’s a good thing. Clothing companies are often criticized for not showing “real women” modeling their clothing. Understandably we would all love to be able to see clothing we are interested in on a body exactly like ours. Wouldn’t that make things so easy?? Take a look at the women around you right now. Every single one of them is a different size, shape, height, and proportion. It’s truly impossible to show every body type without creating an entire encyclopedia of women’s bodies and show how a garment fits on every single one. Let’s move on, shall we?

Even beautiful models have flaws, clothes that fit make everyone look their best

The Woman In The Mirror

Society needs no help when it comes to damaging women’s self-esteem regarding body image. There’s a lot we can do to change this! Meet the woman in the mirror with a smile. Tell her she looks beautiful, adorable, cute, sexy, and amazing! At the end of the day when it’s just you and the mirror, a choice is made about the words used to describe ourselves, to ourselves. Cut yourself some slack and give some words of encouragement and love to that amazing creature looking back at you. It’s time to think about your clothing size like you think about your shoe size. It’s just a number that corresponds to the length of your feet. Why not?

Even beautiful models have flaws, clothes that fit make everyone look their best

All About The Fit

When you put on your clothes and they fit right, you know it. It’s not just about having it go over your body or being able to do up a zipper or a button. It’s about pants and sleeves that are the correct length. It’s about armholes that don’t gap and the way a garment flows over your body. It’s about finding the right width of pant leg that really fits and flatters your body and makes your legs look amazing! When your clothes fit properly you look and feel like you can take on the world. Most of all it’s not about waiting until you’re the size you want to be, it’s about looking and feeling your best Right Now! Give yourself that gift!

Warm Regards,







Happy Shopping! Is that even a thing?


There is so much negativity around shopping, body image and fashion in general. How about Happy shopping? What if you could shop for clothes that were designed by people who not only understood your body shape and how to fit it properly but also really GOT you? How often do you have a happy shopping experience? The truth is, there are companies that exist right now run by women just like you, who want to give you a positive experience every time you shop. They do exist!

Staying in the moment.

When I had my own retail store that catered to sizes 10-24 you wouldn’t believe how many people would spend their time, in my shop, that catered to them, talking about how there was nothing out there for them. That may be true but right then, at that moment they were standing in a space that was inspired by their wants and needs. A safe, happy space with quality clothing and lots of choices IN THEIR SIZE. It’s kind of like going on a date with someone for the first time and spending the whole time talking about all the bad dates you’ve been on. I don’t blame them at all, it’s like being triggered by a trauma or something. One of the reasons I love working at Diane Kennedy is that I find it so easy to help create a happy, positive experience for our shoppers AND we have the goods to back it up.

They totally get me!

What a wonderful feeling it is to enter a space that honours who you are. In many cases it’s because the people who created that space are a lot like you. Or maybe they just possess the empathy needed to make you feel welcome and comfortable when you enter their space, weather that’s a retail store or an online store. Those are the businesses you want to support.

You do you.

This year I turned 50. So far it’s been pretty great. At this time in my life I have a pretty clear idea about the battles I want to fight. Shopping isn’t one of them. There are so many different types of folks out there and everyone has their own shape, size, and story. I’m done with being pissed off because a store doesn’t carry my size. They aren’t after my dollar and I’m not their customer. That’s okay. I’m sure they are filling a need for someone out there or they would have gone out of business long ago. I do think that cheaply made fast fashion is bad for everyone and there’s no excuse for badly cut and poorly fitted clothing, but that hasn’t made me immune to it. We’re all just doing our best to get dressed in the morning without regretting what we are wearing all day. Right?

Look, fashion and clothing isn’t everything, but it is something. All I know is when I feel well dressed I find it pretty darned easy to feel good about myself. It gives me confidence. It’s one less thing to worry about.

I will leave you with this story…

I ordered some cotton underpants online. You know the type that come in all sizes and 5 in a package. They fit ok but not great. I didn’t want to return them and they were a good price but they ended up being second stringers right away. Never the first ones out of the drawer and only worn when it was laundry day. I decided to order a different style the next time and also to go up a size. When I got my package I unrolled the first pair and they were just enormous looking, full coverage, what I might call a granny panty. My first thought was to send them straight back but then I decided to try them on for a laugh. The laugh was on me because omg, these are the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever owned. They cover everything that needs covering, and a bit more, and they stay put, no riding up. I never would have bought them if I’d seen them in a store but now I’m so glad to have them. They make me happy!

happy shopping for granny panties

There’s no real moral to this story except sometimes your bum is a bit bigger than you think it is. As long as someone makes the size that fits YOUR bum life is pretty good! Sometimes it’s the little things and the slightly bigger things…

Find out more about happy shopping at Diane Kennedy here.

Warm Regards,