Diane’s Lookbook: A Tunic For Every Day

Welcome to another edition of Diane’s Lookbook! Today, I’d like to spotlight a couple of new tunics, as well as re-introduce everyone to a much loved DK Classic, The Grace Tunic.


I love how serendipitous life can be sometimes. I originally approached Rebecca’s mother to spend her day off in my clothes. We were all ready to meet up when last minute when she got called away to a meeting. As luck would have it, Rebecca and her mum share much more than just great genes, they can share clothes, too! My trusty “paparazzi”, Logan and I quickly made our way to her and we had a fun day in the park getting to know each other.

The first top I had her try out was a tunic that we released a few seasons ago and decided to re-release, due to popular demand.


There’s no doubt why it is so popular; the soft mock-shawl cowl creates such a flattering V-neckline and the European-imported buttons add a lovely touch to the princess seams.


Right after we did a quick wardrobe change, we took a few “in action” shots of her taking a phone call. Pretty lucky that our Spirit Tunic has some great pockets along the slimming diagonal seams! In fact, that was the inspiration for this top. I personally wanted a “Go-To” top I could use for work/errands.



We ended our afternoon on a Kind note, taking a stroll in a nearby dog park. A fun note about this top; the raised back collar and deep V-Neck was a suggestion from one of our favourite buyers. We took her suggestion and added a diagonal seam  for simple elegance.



I have to admit that I was nervous to see my clothes on Rebecca. I’ve always identified my brand with women of my age. But after seeing how beautiful and happy she looked in my tunics, it definitely changed my mind.

When I asked Rebecca how she felt when she put on her first Serene Pant, she said

To be honest, I wasn’t sure at first, but after putting them on, I never want to take them off! I can’t get over how comfortable I am. I’m so used to being uncomfortable in my own clothes.

Best compliment ever! It pleases me to no end that my DK line is accessible to all ages. And to think I would have never come to such a conclusion if happenstance hadn’t blown us Rebecca’s way.

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Get ready for a new blog series next month; Diane Kennedy Life. A 3 part series where we’ll spotlight different aspects behind the scenes here at DK HQ. We’ll cover our factory, our team and finally I’ll offer some insight into my design process in an exclusive interview. <3 – DK