My Thoughts on Conscious Living

As a designer of an organic clothing line, I can’t help but be more conscious of the choices I make in my daily life. While I’m far from perfect I try my best to make ongoing changes to make a difference in how I live. This post is a bit of a ramble and it’s purpose is not to shame others for what they’re not doing. This is just my stream of consciousness on the topic of conscious living.


Now that I have a tiny city garden, I don’t give a lot of thought to organic gardening. I just do it! When my son was small and traipsing  through the yard it was always in the forefront of my mind. Who wants their child playing in a chemically coated existence? Now it’s just habit:  chemicals are not bought. Plants are chosen to be tough as well as beautiful and they need to do well without sprays. A beautiful red rose is not so beautiful with yellow and black spotted leaves but the idea of inhaling the chemical spray to get rid of spots is much worse. I choose roses that are (almost) black spot free. While I don’t worry much about bugs, there always a few that I deal with manually. Yep…squishing them or cutting off the leaves. Don’t laugh…but that’s me skulking around in the dark collecting slugs, strawberry root weevils or cut worms. They are easy to find in the dark with a flashlight and a recycled yogurt container. It’s the best way of dealing with a plant that’s getting eaten. Just go and eliminate the problem.

Early Hellebores in my organic garden


Shopping at the local farmers market has become a Saturday morning pleasure. What tastes better than locally grown produce? Whenever possible I choose organic eggs and meats farmed without antibiotics, what goes in our bodies is so important. Am I religious about this?…no I’m not, but I try to eat well, fresh and local whenever possible. It just tastes better!

Organic carrots at the Vancouver Farmer's Market


This admittedly was not an area that I even thought much about until the last few years. You may know about sodium lauryl sulphate (cancer causing nightmare of a chemical that makes lovely luxurious foam) I always check the labels on all bath and soap products now. I definitely don’t want to soak in it! If a product makes foam I always read the label. An absolute pleasure for me is lovely smelling natural soap. Amazing natural scents like old rose or lavender are my little treat. I buy Dr. Bronners soap for dishes and hand soap; some cleaning as well. Citrus is my fave here.

DR. Bonn


While I’ve been a die hard Lancome moisturizer fan for years, this time I bought a naturally sourced brand. It smells like old roses too and I’m enjoying using it for daily wear. Make-up is the one area that I need to improve the most. I admit to buying big name brands now, but the more I read, the more I realize this needs to change too. It’s going to start with lipstick. Apparently we eat some ridiculous amount in our lifetimes, something like 4-7 pounds. Yuck. If any of you have any tried and true organic beauty brands, I’d love to hear your suggestions. I hope one day to write about my findings on this topic….products that I’m sure are far healthier than what I’m using now.

Andalous Natural 1000 Roses Cream

That’s the thing…small changes in the right direction. Hopefully I’ve inspired you to make more of your own!

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