Passion for Plants: Shade Garden style

Alongside of fashion, horticulture is certainly a key passion of mine. It’s been a while since I’ve written about my love of plants. Too long…. The other evening I went for a walk and happened across a beautiful shade garden that captured my imagination. It was so lovely in the early evening light. The last of the sun rays were casting their golden glow on leaves and petals alike. It was quite magical. Inspiration for fashion and colour can come from anywhere. Lucky for me I happened on this little gem just at the ‘right’ moment in time….

It was just a tiny garden but full of choice shade plants in peak bloom. Shades in every leaf colour but green stood out to me. The cascading golden strands of Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa macra ‘aurea’) and towering Rodgersia greeted me at the entrance, flanked by a bright purple Heuchera Plum Royale on the other side.

Choice shade plants; Heuchera and Hakonechloa


Choice shade plants; Heuchera and Hakonechloa

Further along was a generous stand of diminutive Martagon lilies in muted pink and gold shades hovering over a glorious explosion of huge corrugated chartreuse hosta leaves.  Dark burgundy purple Persicaria Mircocephala ‘Red Dragon’ punctuated this group.

Choice shade plants; Martagon Lilies hover over bright lime green hosta

Just beyond was a stunning lemon yellow herbaceous peony in full bloom. It was a semi double, full of petals but not so full as to obscure the cluster of  fluffy, golden stamens in the center. Gingerly I stepped into the garden bed to get the close up shot….

Choice shade plant: Lemon Yellow Peony

Choice shade plant: Lemon Yellow Peony

Around the next bend was a subtle but no less lovely group with a coppery Heucherella cultivar (Tiarella X Heuchera) and a variegated hosta echoing the leaf colour and pattern of a tiered dogwood tree above.

A superb arrangement of mauve rhodos, purple and yellow iris, lime tiarellas and more variegated hosta ended my tour.

Choice shade plants

Just a short walk from where I live is this beautiful park called Queen’s park. If you love to garden as I do these plant groupings could easily inspire a container planting or translate to a shady backyard. Perhaps you’ll recognize this colour palate in next Spring’s collection…. Just a hint!

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