Jacket: Fit, Comfort & Style

The Jacket Comfort and StyleFit and Style Without Sacrificing Comfort

You slip into a beautifully tailored jacket and standing in front of a mirror you admire how lovely the garment fits only to realize that you can’t move your arms. Your arms feel strangled and restricted and you can’t raise them past your shoulders if your life depended on it. Or reach forward for that matter. Why does this happen?

Technically speaking, jacket sleeves are built differently for each different style of garment. A tailored sleeve has a very high cap compared to the width of the bicep. An athletic jacket sleeve will usually have a low cap and a wider bicep for the purpose of greater arm movement. A ‘suit style’ jacket built in an optimal fashion will have a combination of a moderately high cap and a moderately wide bicep to give you the best of both worlds. Comfort and style for the win!

Our Jackets fit great in other ways, too. We build darts and shaping right into our unique seam lines. We add swing for more room across your tummy and seat so nothing is tight or unflattering. Many of our jackets offer pockets that are designed to give a smooth look.

Jacket fit and design details

Construction is only part of the jacket equation. We also use premium fabrics that contain a generous amount of stretch. Along with a great cut, you also have the added factor of give in the fabric with allows for free movement and optimal comfort.

Ultimately, you get a professional look without sacrificing comfort. Here’s a little preview of jackets styles to come this fall:

The Justify Jacket will come in 3 colours later in the season: Solid Black, Black/Steel Herringbone and Heather Lake Herringbone (pictured here)

New Justify Jacket coming later this fall

The versatile Verve Zip is back in Black (only) It can be worn for multiple occasions from casual to work, but also its great alone as a tunic, too.

Diane Kennedy Verve Zip Jacket


Keep an eye out for new Fall arrivals here

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The Secret Life of a Jacket: Part 1

A baby takes approximately 9 months from the time of conception before it is ready to meet the world. A jacket takes longer—3 to 4 months longer! 

'Gotta Have It Jacket', Diane Kennedy Fall 2010

While some very big or very small companies have the ability to release a new style to shoppers in a matter of weeks, the majority of companies must begin their design process at least a year ahead of the desired season. To clarify, when most of the world is shopping for their Fall 2011 wardrobes, designers are starting their collections for Fall 2012. At the same time, their Spring 2012 Collections are being shown at tradeshows by the companies’ sales agents and orders are being placed by retailers. Add smaller collections like Summer, Holiday, and Resort into the mix and you’ve got yourself a spider’s web of seasons to keep track of. Continue reading “The Secret Life of a Jacket: Part 1”