We Heart East Vancouver!


As a proudly Canadian business, we love to talk about the lovely city we’re located in.

After years at our faithful Gastown location, we recently moved to the beautiful area of East Vancouver.

Even though it’s only eight blocks away from our previous location, East Van is well known for being a Boho neighborhood rife with creative souls and art studios. Such a turn around from the hustle & bustle of one Vancouver’s most famous areas!

After the initial “hit-the-ground-running” move, it certainly didn’t take long for us to settle in among the passionate artists and historical train tracks. although it’s been just over a year since we moved in, it feels like we’ve been here forever. If there’s one thing we love the most, it’s all the space we have in our warehouse. It may be silly to say, but the extra space in our warehouse is such a blessing and it’s wonderful to be able to have space more conducive to creative design work like ours!

Operating in such a driven industry here in Vancouver, we have been fortunate enough to work with some incredibly talented local businesses. In today’s blog post, we wanted to spotlight a few we’re proud to have had a chance to collaborate with.

Fluevog Shoes

Internationally recognized and incredibly unique, Diane has appreciated the fine details and amazing design of John Fluevog’s shoes for years. Always ahead of the fashion curve, she discovered her first pair of Fluevogs (lovingly nicknamed by “Vogs” by avid fans) when the business was just starting out as “Fox & Fluevog”. Fast forward to now and Diane Kennedy put Fluevogs on once again, most recently on our models, for our Fall 2016 Catalogue.


Design Sportswear

Everyone who owns a Diane Kennedy piece has seen our signature screen printed labels…

DianeKennedy_DesignSportswearEstablished in 1988, Design Sportswear is one of Vancouver’s pioneer screen printing houses. Since Diane Kennedy started nine years ago, we have been confidently using Design Sportswear’s services to add our brand our garments.

Sonja Picard


Being owner of a company whose core values are centered around Eco-friendly, social responsible standards, it’s no surprise that Diane loves to adorn herself  (and our models!) in jewelry that is not only gorgeous and deeply meaningful but promotes very similar values. We love her Eco-friendly “Recycle Your Love” program which gives her customers a chance to breathe new life into their old jewelry. As well, Diane loves to pair her line with Sonja’s pieces because the hammered silver look that she specializes in is such a complementary look for our clothes.

East Van Print


With the rise of self-serve online printing services where everything is automated, it’s such a breath of fresh air to receive direct customer service. We love that we’re able to talk to a “real person” when we order from East Van Print. Diane Kennedy has been using East Van Print for all our signage and printing needs since we began!

Railway Cafe


Last but not least, we would be remiss to not mention a lunch spot that everyone here at Diane Kennedy misses dearly. As much as we love our new location, we have less variety for lunch in an area that’s largely commercial/industrial. Despite being considered an East Van establishment, Railway Cafe was closer to our previous location in Gastown and it’s been said that Diane longs for their absolutely amazing salad bar…

Overall, it’s been such a wonderful experience, being here in such a welcoming, creative neighborhood. Here’s to many more years of being a proud Vancouverite business!

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