Check out Shelly’s Spring Style

Shelly is wearing The Inquisitive Tunic & Rhythm Gauchos


Last blog, we gave you a behind the scenes peek from our latest photoshoot with one of Diane’s most stylish friends, Shelly. A long time Diane Kennedy enthusiast, we asked Shelly to impart her own personal style to some of our brand new Spring collection.

“I’ve never been so comfortable having my picture taken!” Shelly said.  Our bamboo fabric has thermal regulating properties, meaning it helps keep you cool and comfortable even when your temperature’s rising.





Shelly Observes…

One very observant comment Shelly made during the photoshoot was that Plus Size women are often blessed with generous, high-breasted necklines. Diane Kennedy recognizes the need for tops that add visual intrigue and draw your eye without distracting cleavage. Diane accomplishes this by including unique details to give flirtatious flare to the décolletage, while remaining modest enough for the office.

Shelly wears The Observe Tunic in Malachite Palm

Our new Observe Tunic features all these lovely details; The playful neckline is not quite a boat neck, not quite a crew neck and features a coy but demure elliptical cut out. It’s pulled together with 3/4 sleeves that also echo the chic neckline cut out.

The Observe Tunic features a unique cutout on the 3/4 length sleeve

This Spring, we’re releasing it in a brand new fabric. This custom Palm print is made out of a super soft blend that was knitted especially for us in this beautiful Malachite green.

Shelly gets into a Rhythm…

When Shelly arrived in our studio, she was wearing her wearing her favourite pair of Diane Kennedy bottoms, the Petite Serene Pant. “They’re casual yet classy. I tell everyone about them!”

Knowing this, we were excited to see her reaction to our Rhythm Gauchos. She had seen them last Spring and was looking forward to giving these “Summer Serene” ‘capri’s’ a try.  They are perfect for anyone that needs a wider cut leg. She went on to explain that she loves Diane Kennedy bottoms because of their versatility. They can be casual and comfortable one minute and dressed up for dinner the next.

Shelly wears The Observe Tunic in Malachite Palm with our Black Rhythm Gauchos. Shoes by Fluevog

And speaking of heels, we were beside ourselves with all the gorgeous Sonja Picard silver jewelry and stunning Fluevog shoes that Shelly brought to style with.

The Inquisitive Shelly…

Shelly appreciates the comfort and freedom of movement that our line provides all day. So we wanted to get her into a tunic that makes her feel like the “office goddess” she is!

The Inquisitive Tunic features asymmetrical seaming & hemline to add visual intrigue.

Our smoky Inquisitive Tunic in Black and White Tie Dye is one of our new Spring items this year. It’s a great example of how our fit skims and flatters your curves, rather than tightly hugging them. The 3/4 length sleeves, asymmetrical seaming/hemline and drop shoulders pleasingly accentuates your feminine frame, with a drape that feels as good as it looks. Best part of all? The convenient right hand pocket, perfect for your cell phone!

Shelly shows off how amazing statement jewelry pairs with our tunics.

We love how Shelly looked in our Spring Items and love how she paired them with accessories from her current wardrobe. We love fitting into your closet and it’s such a pleasure seeing how our customers style their Diane Kennedy clothes.

Check out our new Spring 2017 collection here.



Meet Scarlett Ballantyne

Working in such a creative industry, The Team at Diane Kennedy have had the chance to work with some incredibly talented and wonderful personalities. Once and awhile, we like to tip our hats to the people who have supported us throughout the years. Our good friend, Scarlett Ballantyne, is one of the first people we thought of. Not only is she one of our faithful customers, she has also contributed a lot to the company in the last six years.

Scarlett Beach

It certainly doesn’t feel like so many years have passed since Scarlett walked through our doors. Having had ample experience modeling as a young adult and again in her 30s, Scarlett was very familiar with camera when we hired her to model for us in 2010.


As a very busy Creative Entrepreneur, Scarlett spends her days managing and providing engaging content for her freelance clients. She also maintains her own blog and is contributing writer for sites like UrbanMoms & StimuliMag. More recently, her passion for writing has lead to publications in Huffington Post and XO Jane. We’re so excited to see where her writing takes her!

Lucky for us that when we had the chance to work with her, we also discovered she is a professional makeup artist. This lead to a few gigs, not in front of the camera, but beautifying behind it. Sometimes she even doubled as both!

Fall 2011 Photoshoot-BTS 014 collage
We love that Scarlett is such a avid DK fan as well; while she was on holiday, we asked her what her favourite items were and she shared this with us:

Once I started wearing the fabrics, I was hooked. My favourite piece is the Tie-Dye Mod Tunic which I have on vacation with me! And I can’t wait to get the new Market Tunic in turquoise and purple. And of course I could always use another jacket, too.

Scarlett CollageScarlett is wearing Recharge Vest (black), Soft Shirt (white) & Serene Pant (black) | Deck Tights (white) & Mod Tunic (Navy Tie-Dye)

It always makes us so happy when we hear wonderful comments like that. Another successful convert! We’re so proud of how driven she is and we look forward to seeing where she goes in the future!

For more information about Scarlett, visit her website,!

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Behind the Scenes: Diane Kennedy Fall 2011 Photoshoot

It takes quite a bit of coordination to get 5 women together on a business day. This photoshoot was no different. I badly wanted to do an outdoor shoot but the weather promised to be freezing and possibly snowing. We changed the date once already, but the night before the shoot my photographer e-mailed me that she was sick with the Norwalk virus. This at 9 o’clock the night before! Whew! Two phone calls later I was talking to my new man. Mark to the rescue!

At 8:45 the next morning, Bria, my lovely assistant, and I wheeled the rack of clothes about a block down the street to Ironworks Studio, an old foundry converted not long ago to a multipurpose space. Only a block or two away from Gastown, the area boasts lots of historic old buildings, brick walls, huge old timber beams, and relics of the original ironworks foundry. You can still find cobbled streets and cool, old architecture that makes the area popular with tourists. Everyone showed up on time, we set up lights, lined up shoes, trays of jewelry, and did hair and make-up.

The weather was co-operating—blue skies and puffy white clouds! About an hour later we set off towards 5 corners in Gastown. Hmmmmm….what’s that fluffy white stuff falling on my head? Damn! It was snowing, but we continued despite the sudden turn in the weather. Kelly wore the Spy Coat in Raisin and we set her up to ‘rendezvous’ with her fictional cohort under the picturesque streetlamps in the square. Bad things come in threes, so something else had to go wrong, right? Now the camera wouldn’t focus! Bit of a downer, wouldn’t you say? Us girls ducked into the nearest warm restaurant to wait only to find they didn’t serve coffee, or any warm drinks for that matter! We clearly didn’t pick the right place, but the guys were kind and let us just hang out (no one quite felt like eating pulled pork or drinking Bourbon at 11 am). We didn’t have to wait long. Mark came through, and—resourceful guy that he is—managed to borrow a camera.

Next we snuck down Blood Alley to ‘pass off the microfilm’, Scarlett wearing the “Double Agent Dress” and “Covert vest”.  As if it was fate, the snow stopped and the sun came out to brighten the alley with perfect beams of light.

Stealing down a dark staircase and climbing a ladder to evade the bad guys, our girls got the job done just in time.

In the end it turned out to be a great day; just enough moments of perfect weather and a talented team of beautiful girls. Mission complete.