Wish You Were Here…A Snowbird Lookbook

Despite Vancouver’s mild winters, the irresistible allure of more tropical climates is hard to pass up! I’m lucky enough to be whisked away to Hawaii for a week in December and I thought it might be fun to share a few of my own travel outfit tips, as well as  some Go-To Diane Kennedy outfits that I’ll be bringing with me to the Big Island.


Mod Tee + Cafe Leggings


Along with a comfy outfit, I can’t imagine boarding a long flight without a few other necessities like my purse, cell phone & reading material (I’m excited to read Anita Blake’s “Dead Ice” on my flight!).

This is my favourite outfit to wear on the plane. Our certified organic bamboo knit is blended with 8% lycra, giving this luxurious fabric a comfortable stretch, providing comfort through freedom of movement; a blessing in the closed quarters of an airplane!


Cruise Cami + Flight Capri


With names like “Cruise” & “Flight”, it’s hard to find more appropriate items to take with me on vacation! I don’t know about you, but leggings in general are my go-to bottoms for casual walks, whether it’s barefoot on a sun-soaked beach or shopping in a bustling shopping district.

I like to plan my outfits ahead of time and either stick to a monochromatic palette (so everything matches) or bring bottoms (like my versatile Flight Capri in Navy, Steel or Black) that easily mix & match.


Holiday Dress


To maximize on packing efficiency, I always do two things; I roll my clothes (our signature bamboo fabric is fantastic for this and always emerges wrinkle-free when rolled) and I seek out looks that can transition from day to night effortlessly.

I always pack a Holiday Dress for this exact reason. It’s light to pack and paired with the cafe leggings that I already have with me, makes a lovely day look. Add some sparkly accessories (I personally love The Sonja Picard Collection) and some fierce heels and you’ve got yourself a stunning evening look.



I can hardly wait! I would love to hear some of your own travel tips as well. Leave us a comment and tell us how you get ready for a trip!

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