Start moving! Fitness Style

Work out in Style

You may already know how incredibly comfortable your Diane Kennedy clothing is for every day but have you ever thought of wearing them for your work out? Achieving your fitness goals has just become a little easier.

Bamboo clothing items are perfect for a work out as they breathe with you. Bamboo fibers have natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties. The fibres wick away moisture and are smooth textured and anti chaffing. The fabric is temperature regulating, that’s why it’s so comfortable to wear year round too!

Diane Kennedy Inquisitive Tunic

Smooth Stitching

You may not realise that so many of our pieces are already built like yoga wear.  Flatlock stitching is an integral part of our clothing items like the Flight Capri or Rejuvenate Legging. Just to explain…flatlock stitching is done on a multi threaded machine that layers one fabric edge over the other and encases it with thread. This special stitching helps keep the seams smooth. This is important when you’re moving to prevent chaffing as seams often join at sensitive areas like your armpits and crotch. When you’re in the middle of your work out this is the last thing you want to worry about.

Diane Kennedy Bamboo Clever Cami and Rejuvenate legging for your work out

Pull it Together

To complete your outfit add a Clever Cami or Tilt Tunic to our leggings and you have a mini work out wardrobe that can do double duty as casual clothes too! Find a few minutes in your busy day to relax and reduce stress with some easy stretching.

Diane Kennedy Bamboo Tilt Tunic and Rejuvenate legging for your work out

One Less Hurdle

We all need a little motivation to get moving and start our work out routine. It can be a little daunting when we’re bombarded with images of fit people in tiny outfits. Don’t let that deter you! Plus size people can be fit too. We all know how beneficial moderate exercise is to keep us limber and to prevent injuries as we get older. Not having proper work out togs can sometimes be all the excuse we need to stay on the couch.

Diane Kennedy Bamboo Clever Cami and Rejuvenate legging for your work out

Imagine leaving your yoga class and being able to stop for groceries or meet your friends for coffee without the need to change into something else. Truly feel ready for anything life throws at you!

Your body will thank you!

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